Tuesday, December 30

Why Christmas of course

I guess I'll quit dragging my feet and tell you about our Christmas already. I've been a bit of a Grinch this year and was really ready for the holiday to be over, but we're just barely getting back to a routine and cleaning up the mess associated with Christmas.

We did have a really great Christmas despite my attitude. Now that Jeremy's parents live in the same state as us we got to spend Christmas with both of our families, which made it even more special.

This Christmas will be known as the Christmas of cheap and used toys. My kids were extremely inexpensive to shop for this year. We got Ty a basketball hoop for $3 from the classifieds and Alexis this old school Barbie set that came with a million things (including little toddler barbies!) for $10 from the classifieds. And they love them both. And I don't feel the tiniest bit bad about giving them used toys for Christmas. I may do it again next year. Maybe.

And in case you hadn't heard, Alexis asked Santa for a spider-man dress-up (we're not allowed to call it a costume). Which she got. And then hugged ever so sweetly. Then exclaimed: "I knew Santa would hear me!"

She told one of her little friends that she got a spider-man dress-up, to which the girl looked at me with concern in her face and asked, "Does she mean spider-woman?" No, she means spider-man.

Tyler also got this cheap truck/trailer/four wheeler set and was so excited about it we couldn't even get him to look at the camera. If you thought he was cute before you should see him play with this thing. And if you don't think he's cute with or without the truck I'm surprised you're still reading my blog considering how much I talk about his cuteness.

I think this is the only picture taken of Jeremy. He's opening a hydraulic jack from his parents. Which I suppose is exciting if you like those sorts of things. And he does.

This picture below is a true Christmas miracle. That's Ty-guy and his cousin Dallin who used to not want to have a thing to do with Tyler. And you know what Tyler does to people who don't want him around? He follows them around annoying them. But recently things have changed between Dallin and Tyler, and they are now best buds. They laugh at each other and chase each other and even WRESTLE. You really have to know Dallin to see why this is a miracle, but I'm very happy about it because now Tyler can spend a lot less time in time-out and I can spend a lot less time yelling at him.

Now on to New Year's, which really I'd prefer to sleep through, and then life will be normal again. Luckily for me Jeremy has the rest of the week off, starting Thursday. I really like having him around, he's pretty good company!

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