Saturday, December 27


Does anyone else love two-year-olds like I love two-year-olds? Sure they can throw a fit for hours, but it is so worth it for everything else you get. I am of course talking about a specific two-year-old here, but any two-year-old you know is probably pretty great.

Here's what I love about two-year-olds:
-The way they know how to turn on the charm and the cute when they are up way past their bedtime.
-Their dimpled elbows and knuckles because they are still half baby (this is what I refer to as their "babyness").
-Their little diapered bums and protruding tummies.
-The imagination that has just emerged, and the way they can now talk to themselves for hours.
-The way they have no idea what's going on half the time but they've learned how to fake it. See below picture of Tyler taking a picture of someone else, but the lens of the camera is actually pointed at his eye.

-The way they can make a word like "sweatshirt" sound like "swashwarsh".
-The way they make you feel so loved by the reactions they give when you enter or leave a room.
-Their wet kisses and tight hugs.
-Their determination, their excitement, and the way you can see every emotion they feel.

Two-year-olds are really great!

*Christmas post to come, I've just been reminded over and over again how much I really love this stage Tyler is in, so I thought I'd share!


Dorothy said...

I love 2 year olds!

Queen Bee said...

Lisa! I found your blog off of facebook, it's fun to see your family. I would have to agree with you completely about 2 yr olds. My 2 yr old is tons of fun :)