Thursday, December 18

of late

Sorry for not posting a Wordless Wednesday yesterday. I know you all get up and check for that first thing in the morning, but I've been in project mode for few days and nothing gets done but projects. Which means you should have seen my house this morning. And my children.

I am LOVING my new short hair! You should see me in the shower...well, you shouldn't really...but I hardly use any shampoo, plus it's short enough that I can make fun shapes out of it when it's all lathery from the shampoo. And the drying time? Like 5 minutes. Really, why did no one clue me in on this sooner? I may never go back to long hair. Except I know that's not true, but I really really like it this way for now.

Also, the kids seem to have become possessed with evil spirits. They used to play together so nicely, and now they are mean to each other all the time. I really think a lot of it is the weather, they are just bored and tired of being inside. But also Alexis has been just plain rude lately. She talks back to me, says mean things, and screams over just about everything. What do I do?

The snow has come, and I've been okay with it. I've had to change a few plans and today I drove, well inched really, ourselves to gymnastics in it, but I haven't really gotten upset over the snow yet, which is really a miracle. And today Jeremy only worked a half day (because he's in project mode too) so we took the Rhino out and towed Alexis on a sled behind it. She loved it and kept telling him to go "super duper duper fast". I think she gets her daredevilness from Jeremy's side of the family.

Tonight we're headed out to do the last of our Christmas shopping. Also we're returning the Baby Alive doll Santa got Alexis because now she wants a Spider-man dress-up. I'm glad Christmas only comes once a year because I cannot take the stress of Santa disappointing her! Fortunately we've found a Spider-man costume, now all I need is some sort of toy that shoots webbing out of her wrist because Santa can't bring one without the other. So no one ask her what she's asking Santa for because I'm afraid she'll change her mind AGAIN and then I'll be stuck with a Spider-man costume. By the way, we're going to Wal-Mart to do our shopping...please pray for us. I haven't been there in months and hopefully won't be there again for just as long after tonight.

And now the pictures:

Alexis being pulled by the Rhino
Tyler really can't handle the snow for very long, he was cold and tired of it at this point.
Warming his hands
Look at his sweet face
The first picture Tyler's ever taken. Notice the orange hue? That's because he had his fingers on the flash.


The Shill Spill said...

Why don't you buy some silly string with that Spider Man costume? :) BTW, I am pretty sure that Jake will be very jealous when he comes to see what Alexis got for Christmas! What amazes me though, is that you decided to change her gift...instead of doing what I would have done and told him... "Santa already got your list for Christmas and already made your toy...sorry! You're out of luck dude!"
Looks like fun sledding. My dad used to pull us behind the car in the church parking lot when I was growing up. (On tubes!) It was a BLAST! We should do that some day! :) That would be sooooooo fun!

Jessica M said...

The snow pictures are so cute!

And I love your letter to Santa. Could you send a copy to Santa in my name as well? It's taken Hailey almost a year to stop the night waking/night terrors. Torture. Some day, we may sleep again.

shellybellybee said...

Oh my gosh, I have been wondering why half of the pictures Hayden takes are orange. Now I finally understand. Looks like fun sledding! The snow pictures are very cute.

Shelise said...

So I actually do look forward to your Wordless Wednesday. Call me crazy but I noticed this week that you didn't have one. Well anyway, I used to have a Spiderman web sprayer thing but we sold it on E-bay. However, I think I saw them at WalMart a couple months ago.