Monday, December 15

a little christmas wish

Dear Santa,
This year for Christmas I don't want anything you can buy in the store or that can be made by your elves. This year I want something only my children can give me, so maybe you can work something out with them. Cut a deal of some sort.

I want sleep.

That's all. I want them to stop coughing in the night, stop coming in my room because they're scared, stop waking me up to tell me they have to use the bathroom, and stop asking for milk at 3 A.M. I want to go to sleep at 11 and not gain consciousness until 8. Not 7:15, not even 7:56. Eight o'clock. I don't think this is an unreasonable request (at least not too unreasonable), so please see what you can do.

p.s. This request is also for my husband.

p.p.s. Also, if our fire alarms could pick anytime other than 4 A.M to let us know they need their batteries changed that would also be awesome.


Jennifer Dunn said...


Emily said...

I second that!

Becky said...

So the fire alarm thing...We've had that happen, more than once and I've sent Derek out to buy batteries. Now I keep them on stock. I also would like this amount of sleep, but like 3 or 4 nights in a row.

KinsRae said...

Me to!!!

The Olsen Family said...

Can I have that wish too. Do you have Rachel's e-mail. Can I have it PLEASE

Natalee said...

Love the hair!!! So true a full night sleep would be heaven!

The Shill Spill said...

After last night...I think I am going to need a week off of parenting and a whole weeks worth of nothing but sleep. (Can I just write the letter to Aaron, instead of Santa?)