Tuesday, October 21

have some pictures

I had ambitions of writing a good, somewhat sentimental, post a few days ago about friends. Jeremy and I are blessed to have some good friends in our lives, and this past weekend we got together with some of those good friends. However, as you may remember Alexis has been sick, and it lasted for several days. Then she gave it to me and I spent all day yesterday in agony, and this morning Tyler threw up too. He also did some other stuff, but I guess I've grossed you out enough already. We'll just say he's going through one diaper every 5 minutes and that's only a slight exaggeration. So anyway, my point is I don't feel much like being sentimental or writing a whole lot. But I do have pictures to share!

Every year in October we go up Provo canyon to Bridal Veil Falls with our friends Kole and Dorothy, and eat dinner. We can't remember if this was our fourth or fifth year to do it, but either way it's become a tradition. Here's a picture of our second (though some argue it's the first) year going.And here we are this year:

Here's our kids:
Cute Stuff #1:
Cute Stuff #2:
And that's all I've got. Now I need to get back to laundry, and surprise! surprise!, change another diaper.


The Shill Spill said...

Good luck with the diapers!
Super cute and fun pictures of the little ones up the canyon! What a fun tradition for you guys! (I love traditions that let us get together with friends on a regular basis.) :)

Dorothy said...

I swear the first year we went Kolbe was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt. hmm, i'll look. It was fantastic. What would we do without LJ!

Dorothy said...

Okay, nevermind,I went back to our old pics and he was wearing a different red shirt the following year. I think the boys were right on this one.

Jessica Kolb Munk said...

You're kids are adorable! Great pics!

Lisa said...

really? man, i hate it when the boys are right!