Thursday, May 15

It's tough being a girl

Especially when you're three. Sometimes it seems like the whole world is conspiring against you, looking for ways to make you cry.

Like when you wake up in the morning and your mom greets you using a deeper than normal voice. And when you ask her to not talk like a boy, and she drops her voice even lower, you're left with no choice but to lean into the couch and sob silently.

Or when your brother refuses to play with the broken Jasmine doll, and chooses instead to steal the beloved Cinderella from you, what else is there to do but prostrate yourself on the floor and sob loudly?

And when you're using the bathroom and you see an ant crawl across the floor, you can think of no other reaction than to shriek, and then cry into a wad of toilet paper.

Or when you are at the jumping place and another kid jumps on your trampoline and steals your bounce, there simply is no alternative to soaking your mom's pant leg with your tears.

Just wait until you're a teenager, and the boy you like doesn't like you back (which won't happen because you are the awesomest!), you'll cry. Or when you don't get invited to a party, or get a really bad grade on a test, or get your first speeding ticket, you'll cry. And I'll understand because I'm a girl, I cry too.

But for right now, until your reasons for crying are actually heartbreaking, I'll continue to find the things you cry about a bit humorous. But I promise, I'll develop some sympathy by the time I need to.


Darla said...

could you PLEASE be my mom too?? You're the best mom ever! Geof. is not sympathetic AT ALL to my girlyness (that was not the correct spelling I know), and I rarely talk to my mom. You're so funny.

The Shill Spill said...

That was the bestest entry ever! Can I cry to you too? (Will you have enough time to find sympathy for me too?) Alexis has the best mom EVER!

maren out my laundry said...

I so need to be more like you and find more humor in kirstens melt downs...note to self. I just love alexis, that girl is so dang cute. gotta love girl drama too!