Friday, April 4

child-like instincts

There are a few things that I'm really not good at: planning stuff and getting up early. And I don't see myself becoming any better at them soon because there are a few things my children are extremely good at: ruining plans and getting up when I do.

Occasionally I try to get up by 7 or 7:15 (yes, that's early) so I can shower or exercise or just enjoy some quiet time before my kids get up, which is usually about 8:15. I usually set my alarm and hide it under Jeremy's pillow after he leaves for work so that only I will hear it, and I can barely hear it. That's what I did this morning. About 1 minute after my alarm went off I heard Tyler whining in his room. It's like it's instinctual, my eyes open, and a little alarm goes off in his head. **WARNING! WARNING! Your mom is awake. She might do something fun without you. WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!** So of course he is now grumpy because not only did he not get enough sleep, but who would want to wake up to that alarm? I am not exaggerating, every morning that I try to get up before him, he wakes up. So I guess I might as well sleep in until 8:15 every morning...oh my life is hard.

I was going to write about how kids always ruin any plans you make, but I think every mom in the world knows about that, and it's 8:11, I'm not supposed to be awake yet, so I don't feel like writing anymore. Plus Tyler is wearing his breakfast and just threw his cup AGAIN because I happened to glance at him, and Alexis was supposed to come downstairs 15 minutes ago after her show was over, but she hasn't, so I better go find her.


shellybellybee said...

I'm so sorry. Jackson has that instinct too. Ok, actually he get up way before me, way way before me. Well, before my body wants to wake up. And I agree with the "ruining your plans." It applies to any plan you have. Such as putting away your laundry. I have been trying since 9:00 this morning to put my laundry away, but most of it is still there because my kids can't leave me or each other along for 10 seconds. Oh the pain.

The Shill Spill said...

Yes yes...but remember what Elder Ballard said this afternoon?...'The joy of motherhood comes in moments.' :) (Even if I totally agree.) I'm just trying to shed some positive light on the subject. You are more that welcome to complain though, because everyone knows I do my fair share of it! (I think that is part of motherhood too. I just gotta stay sane...and if that's one way I do it...then stay out of my way!) :)

Shauna said...

Lisa, this blog made me extrememly happy and revlieved. So many mom's I know are always up at some insane hour, they seem to do it naturally, and are completely chipper about it. I want to cry everytime I hear about those mom's. I have the hardest time getting up in the morning...Let's just say more than a few of my Saturday mornings have been lost to the lure of my ridiculously comfortable bed. You have assured me that is it ok for me to be worried, because I probably won't change in that area. But now I know that not every mom becomes a morning person after they have children...but it is doable! Thanks Lisa! I just hope they sleep in like yours...none of this 6am business! Sound proofing your kids bedroom so you can't hear them is bad right? :) j/k