Tuesday, March 25

thank goodness I didn't create the world

So I've always wanted a kid who fell asleep while eating because I think it is HILARIOUS. And since Alexis doesn't eat, that wasn't an option for her. But today Tyler did it! Which really is good because I was just going to keep on having kids until one of them did it, so I'm glad it happened with #2 rather than #22.
I guess technically he's drinking, but he had already eaten, so I'm counting it.

Anyone want some sugar cookies? Too bad, this is not cookie dough. This is my attempt at making a volcano. Pretty freakin' awesome right?Sure. Tomorrow at Alexis' preschool we are learning about the letter V so I decided to make a vvvvvvvvolcano. The good thing about kids is that they'll think it's a volcano just because I tell them that's what it is. They are still moldable...more moldable than this volcano dough. Let's just hope the eruption works better than the volcano looks.

Now the real reason for my post. I'm sure you've all noticed from recent pictures how long Tyler's hair is getting. It's so long it's got bounce, it flaps in the wind, and it looks better than mine or Alexis' hair. So, as much as it pains me to say this, it's time for a haircut. Jeremy has proposed the idea of a mullet because, frankly,Tyler could have a pretty decent one. At first I had the typical horrified reaction you would expect of any good mom, but the more I think about it the more awesome it sounds. It'd only be for a week or so, but come on, how awesome would that be to see a little 1 1/2 year old sporting a mullet? Again, pretty freakin' awesome! How could you not laugh at it? So my thought process is that I'd be in the best mood ever that week because I'd be doing nothing but laughing at my child. I'm putting up a poll, but probably only for a few days because we'll do it soon if we do it. Share your thoughts if you have them. But keep in mind we'll still do what we want.


shellybellybee said...

My husband Tyler says that you have to bring him to church that way, and he'll definately need a baby wife beater.

The Chipmunks said...

My sister had to cut my hair into a mullet for her final test (the 90degree haircut)it was awful on me, but I think that Tyler would look so cute! Can't wait to see pictures. I also love when kids fall asleep while eating. I have a great shot of Alyssa in the middle of a crowded room at Lake Powell, plate still on lap, chip in hand, and sound asleep!

Lisa said...

kami, you had a mullet?? seriously? is that something you want to post a picture of on your blog? Also, I forgot to mention, if any of you readers out there can cut a mullet (or can offer up someone that can), let me know.

maren out my laundry said...

I"d have to say it'd be dang funny, but....I feel bad for the poor kid. I mean I wouldn't want a mullet you think he would ;) hehehe either way I won't disown you and can't wait to see it. Infact I might have to come to church one last time just to view tyler's mullet. LOL

Ashlee said...

Lisa, I am very glad that you found me. Your kids are so big and so blond-I love it! Sounds like you had fun on your trips-that is awesome that you guys have been able to do so much recently. I think a mullet would be great-just make sure to take lots of pictures and to talk about it at his wedding!

The Shill Spill said...

I totally agree with Ashlee's comment! (You have to have lots of pictures for future posterity!) :) Plus, as Shelly said, what's a mullet without wife beater? :)
Can't wait to see it! Not sure how I feel about it yet! But, nonetheless, I will laugh my head off at the thought and sight of it! :)
Love the picture of Tyler asleep in the highchair! :) (I have a few of those of Jake.) Carson hasn't been much of a sleeper while he eats. Oh well! At least I had one...If I never have one again.
By the way, Jake loved the Volcano! :) He said it was "gooey!" That's good...coming from Jake! :)

TripletsRus said...

I would love to see a pic of your son in a mullet!

oh, love that volcano. Kids are so awesome. It does not even have to look like a volcano and they will take your word for it.