Monday, March 3

fill 'er up

Here's the truth: I am not a hugger. I like my personal space and am not entirely comfortable with people invading it. But, of course, all that changed when little Alexis entered my life. The poor child has endured A LOT of "affectionate abuse" from me, and she's done it cheerfully. She's constantly required to kiss me, hug me, hold my hand, let me pinch her butt, let me tickle her and play with her hair. All the usual stuff moms do when their kids are so cute that they can't resist just squeezing them.

But things have changed lately. You always hear about the "terrible twos", but no one ever warns you about the extremely horrifying, "worse- than-having-your-right-eye- poked- repeatedly-with-a-toothpick threes". She's become extra bossy, mouthy, resistant and independent. But it's been bearable because she would still kiss me.

The thing is, this mom is like a car and Alexis' mean phrases and independence are like a hail storm. Some of them are big ol' rock sized hails that may crack my windshield, but they don't break me. I've got wipers, I can brush it off. But her kisses are like the fuel that keeps the car going. And it's starting to run low.

Last week she refused to hold my hand. Last night I asked for a hug, which she gave extremely reluctantly. Today, before her nap I leaned in for a kiss, but she turned her head away with such force and determination I'm surprised it didn't snap off her neck! I knew this day would come eventually.

The needle's pointing to E people, and I've still got miles to go until she outgrows this stage.

Thank goodness for dual tanks and a little boy too young to know better, with extra huge cheeks, perfect for pinching. Lets hope he will be able to withstand not only his share, but now his sisters share of the abuse too.


Anonymous said...

I'm proof that mom's can go a long, long, long, time without a kiss from their little girl(s) or even their little boy, aaron!
yet you know that alexis loves you because you were the one she turned to for safety when she was going to fall into the worm house. take comfort from that until this phase passes.

The Shill Spill said...

I am confident, no matter how sad this phase is, that you wil run for many more miles with the other things that yoru children do....that will most likely 'fill you up.'
Sad day, huh?