Tuesday, March 4

beware the worm's house

In preparation for guests I have coming over tonight, I set the timer for 6 minutes and asked Alexis to help me pick up the toys in the living room. I told her we had to hurry and beat the timer, which of course, warrants a

"why do we have to beat the timer mommy?"

"because...something...will...happen if we don't".

I couldn't think of something, so I looked to Jeremy for assistance. "If you don't beat the timer the house will fall over!" Which I think spurred Alexis' bright idea: "Oh, we'll fall into the worm's house if the timer beeps!"

I set the timer and off she ran, picking up anything in her path and throwing it into the toy box. A stethoscope, a naked barbie, a movie, some pretzel sticks, Tyler, some slippers. She's never moved so fast while being productive at the same time. Then, about a minute in the crying starts.

"Mom, I don't want to fall into the worms hole. The worm's hole is scary. The timer is going to beep!"

"It's okay, I'll protect you from the worm. We have lots of time, keep working."

A dance mat, several balls, more dolls, a toy tractor. About 3 minutes in the crying has been replaced by heaving panting.

"Mom, how much time do we have? I'm tired of this. I want to be done, I don't want to fall into the worm's hole."

"Keep working honey, we're almost done. We've got 3 minutes left."

With a minute to spare all the toys are picked up, we are victorious to live another day. I'd say this new method is a keeper; extremely effective, and only a little traumatizing. Isn't that how all great moms work? Time to clean the bedroom!


Rachel & Todd said...

So clever...So what do you tell older kids to get them moving? I have tried enticing them with allowance and it works for a while.

I miss the younger years at times, your blog takes me back.:)

Anonymous said...

what is she calls her bluff? i think you need a worm's hole standing by just in case she needs to know what's really at stake. and if that doesn't work, get out some bacon and start cooking. In between the sizzle and splatter of grease, tell her little girls cook just as nice as bacon and taste even better.

Anonymous said...

*replace "her" with "your." clearly caused by computer malfunction and no poor drafting

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

*"if" for "is"

Lisa said...

can i request that you please read through your comment before you post it? common courtesy people.

The Shill Spill said...

First of all I have to stop laughing about your previous entries....okay...better!
I have to say a big fat "YES" to the retorical (sp?) question of..."Isn't this how all great mom's work?" I may try different things in different areas of Jake's life...but it is all the same. It's always some weird and skewed view of consequences in our house. (Ex: Don't touch that or the snuffalumpagus will come and step on you.) -- mind you, it's only an example! :)

TamiRichins said...

Very good lisa, I am impressed with your creativity. Where have I been, I think today we are going to clean the house =).

maren out my laundry said...

Geunius!! I can just see Alexis running around in panic. hahaha always the best way to get kids moving instill fear. muhahaha

Anonymous said...

You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

Anonymous said...
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