Saturday, January 26

they'll gather no moss

Sorry for the absence of a few days, nothing to say I guess. Plus, Jeremy's out of town so I've been too depressed to move. Not really, but I do hate it when he's gone. I'm such a sissy. Jeremy travels for work like once a year, if that, yet I can't handle it. I hardly left his side the night before he left and I think I actually even snuggled with him before falling asleep--without him making me! Sorry if that's too much information for my younger readers...or anyone who doesn't like mushy stuff like that. Anyway, I've missed him but he should be landing as I type, so hopefully he'll be here soon.

Tyler and Alexis were rolling around on the floor playing with each other, so I got the camera out. Of course I missed most of the good stuff, but this is still pretty cute. It was right before bed and they were both just being goofy. Remember that heart puddle I referred to in my last post? Watching them play together and make each other laugh melts me every time. And I'm very fortunate because it happens pretty often.

Tomorrow Alexis gets to give the scripture in primary at the "big black microphone" that she's been asking to talk into for the past two months. It should be cute, and also a little scary because who knows what the power of the microphone might unleash in her. I just hope she doesn't start talking about her Dora underwear or any one's "special body parts". I'd be okay with her mentioning that she wants to marry her brother or her dad though, because I like her standards.


The Shill Spill said...

Cute video! Looks as though you've taught them some good tricks. :)
I'll get that recording up of Alexis and Jake soon. (Hopefully tonight.) Have a great day!

The Shill Spill said...

Check out my blog! I just tagged you! Good luck, and enjoy! :)

The Shill Spill said...

By the way, I wish I had a girl! (I want her to have standards just like Alexis!) And, I would have loved to have heard about Alesis' Dora underwear. :) That would have been classic! :) (And, it would have been recorded!) :)

The Shill Spill said...

Oh yah, and also....There was absolutely no big scary dog at the fire station! :) Hahahah! There was, however, a cute little puppet dalmation on the Sesame Street show that we watched. :) (How funny!)