Wednesday, January 16


I just watched this video I made just before Tyler turned one because I haven't watched it since I made it, and... made me baby hungry. Just the teensiest bit.

No one tell Jeremy. I'll go lie down and think of the pee I just had to clean off the carpet in Alexis' room and the feeling will pass. And if it doesn't it sure will when Jeremy reads this and then proceeds to remind me of all the reasons I gave him during the first 9 months of Tyler's life about why I'd never have another baby.

But everyone knows you should never listen to a post-partum woman.


The Shill Spill said...

You guys look so young in some of those pictures. :) Wow! Still love it though. :)
Are you seriously already thinking baby? Wow! Good for you, if you are.

Lisa said...

no, i'm not really. but you know how it goes, sometimes you see a little baby who isn't terrorizing everything in it's path and you think, "that'd be nice to have again someday". but that's all it is, a thought.

jt said...

ummmmmm... no.