Friday, October 12

get out your kleenex

Tyler's birthday isn't until tomorrow, but I was fiddling around on the computer today and was able to make the aforementioned cheesy slide show. So here it is, 3 1/2 minutes dedicated entirely to Tyler! I'll post pictures from his actual birthday sometime later this weekend.

BTW, I found a website that did this for me for free. I put in all my own pictures and even used a song off my own computer, so if any one's interested it's It's nothing too crazy or complicated but I was impressed with it.


Anonymous said...

nice girly little song. hope your day goes great.
btw, i do check your blog everyday; or, at the very least, every day i'm in class.

The Shill Spill said...

Lisa, that was so incredibly awesome and touching! You did a great job! I hope you have a great time celebrating Tyler's birthday. (Ha! Who am I kidding! I know you've been excited for weeks. Enjoy!) By the way, I like the new look to your blog space! Ummm... Very....Bright! :) (Totally fun!)

shellybellybee said...

I'm impressed and inspired to do my own, so when Hayden turns 1 in three weeks, I'll probably be copying you. :) Cute pictures, I was totally laughing out loud at some of them. Hope he had a good b-day. Love the new blog btw. It was shocking when first loaded, in a good way.