Wednesday, November 14

beat me with the drumsticks...that's gotta be less painful than dinnertime

Tyler's favorite toy is a drumstick. So today we gave him the accompanying drum. He sat there and beat it (left handedly) again and again and again and again. Then he figured out that if he hit the metal side it makes a different sound. So then he hit the drum head, side, drum head, side, repeat, repeat, repeat. It's a simple rhythm, I'm sure you've got it. And though it's simple he beat it out better than I would have I'm sure. Any rhythm he gets will be thanks to Jeremy.

Does anyone out there speak Kid? I don't obviously because I've sat here for the past 45 minutes trying to get Alexis to eat 1/8 of a potato. I've been speaking English and I'm beginning to wonder if that's the problem. The thing about Kid that is so tricky is that it's really a variation on English, but just because you speak English doesn't mean you speak Kid. So while a child may understand your English words, until you hit on the exact right combination of them, with the right inflections and facial expressions, nothing clicks. Here's what I've tried so far, and none of them seem to translate.

*sit down and eat your food please.
*SIT down and EAT your food!
*SIT DOWN and EAT your FOOD NOW!!!
*do you want to sit in the highchair? Cause that's whats going to happen if you don't sit down.
*eat your food and you can have that granola bar.
*eat your food and you can have some candy.
*eat your food and you can have a new car.
*sit down and eat and I'll never make you do a chore in your life.
*sit down and eat or else you'll have to go in your room.

So anyone want to guess where Alexis is now? I'll give you a hint, it's not in a new car.


The Shill Spill said...

I am literally laughing OUT LOUD! How funny is that Lisa! :) I am not sure I speak any better kid than you. In fact, I am sure you are a lot better at it than I. My kid would not be so nice. Ummm...did you try this: "Hey, you! Girl! Do you remember me? I'm your mom. Yah, that's right, your mom! That means I'm the boss. Comprende? Well, just in case you don't understand...EEEEEAAAATTTT!" Just kidding. I am pretty sure those words would be said at my house. :) Awesome entry!!!

Shelly said...

You're hilarious. Why is it so hard for them to take a bite of one thing? I think pretty soon I'm just going to start talking nonsense in a strange tone to see if that makes a difference. Maybe if we confuse them enough, they'll eat in order to establish a sense of normalcy. (In other words, I have no idea how to speak kid or how to be persuasive in English. I just tell Jackson he'll starve and give him vitamins.)

Mom said...

You just made my day! I needed a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

did you cover it in mustard?

Rachel said...

That mustard idea sounds pretty.