Monday, October 1

what I liked about being a newlywed

We'll start with a disclaimer, this is a family blog, this will be a G rated post.

I have a good friend from college that is getting married in a few months, and that has got me thinking back on the days when Jeremy and I were first married. They were great days and (probably because my memory is a little faulty) all I remember is roses and sunshine. Well, not literally cause we lived in a basement apartment with very few windows, and we were too poor to buy roses, but you know what I mean.

So here's a list of my favorite things from the pre-kids era.

*grocery shopping together at Macey's
*sharing a car, so driving EVERYWHERE together
*waiting for each other to get out of class on campus
*listening to Jeremy go on and on about how dumb "The Daily Universe" (BYU's newspaper) is everyday...and then laughing at him because he would still read it everyday.
*game nights every Sunday with other kid-less friends
*having no money but not really realizing it
*buying one of our first big purchases, a BBQ, which at the time seemed like a big deal!
*listening to Jeremy's band play just about every weekend
*snowboarding together...back when I liked snowboarding
*taking social psychology together
*staying out late
*eating McDonald's, Hamburger Helper, or Rice-a-Roni & chicken for dinner just about every night.
*guaranteed nap every Sunday
*having NOTHING to do except driving to "the best place" with Kole and Dorothy. Always with Kole and Dorothy.
*uninterrupted sleep allllllllll night long
*sleeping in

I'll stop there. While I love those days, here's the good thing about life: it can always get better. And for us it has.

Happiness Then

Happiness Now


The Shill Spill said...

I think I'd have to add one thing to your list.When newly wed, without any kids, you could get up and go and not have to worry about packing your house before you left. And, even though you think you left yourself plenty of time to get out the door, you're already ten minutes late...before you even leave. (Now you gotta' calculate the driving time it'll take to get there...and then you'll REALLY be late.) That's one thing I miss....but I wouldn't trade it for the happiness I have now. :) Thanks for the insight Lis.

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Dorothy said...

Ahhhh, the BEST PLACE. We totally have to go there again soon. Really soon. That place was no doubt the best.

Rachel said...

oh Cute. Thanks for you the blog lisa. it is great to read these things. You have a great perspective on things. It makes me happy for what I have. You guys truely have a cute happy family.