Friday, September 28

evidence of God's love

Need I explain further? I think not. These pictures are from a hike up AF canyon that I did with my dad today.

And speaking of evidence of God's love here's some more:
(the kid, not the sheep, though I suppose I appreciate the wool in the winter)(again, the kid not the horse, though I do appreciate glue)

Alexis took her first "field trip" yesterday. I was very proud of her for riding the horse because we haven't been able to get her to do this until now. And while she had a slight freak out while on the horse, she recovered in time for me to get a picture.


Anonymous said...

i went to a special-fancy-pants grocery store to buy my wife dairy-free ice cream the other day and the meat department had loads of THICK juicy steaks laying out. if i had a picture of that, i would have posted it under this heading.

Lisa said...

Well maybe you should start your own blog and it can be all about big juicy steaks and then steak companies will just start sending you free steaks because you are promoting their product, and then I will come and live with you.

lisa's dad said...

When I hold a banana flavored popsicle up to the sun, the world turns all yellow and I know God loves me.

Lisa said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, you're right dad, that is a good comment. I'll be laughing all night at that one.