Tuesday, November 1

no tricks, just treats

The kids got so much candy yesterday that if I gave it all to Ryan he could literally eat his weight in candy. But you know, then he'd probably throw up and I just had my carpets cleaned, so I won't let him.
Jeremy started his current job last year, the day after Halloween, so we missed out on his company's parade/trick-or-treating fun. We were excited to go this year because I haven't been to his office since he started there and it was nice to finally see where my husband spends most of his day. That's also where most of the kids candy came from this year. There was really no need to go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood after that, but they wouldn't let us get away with not going.

Alexis wanted to be a princess, so I made her a fancy dress. She felt so beautiful in it that it made the work I put into it that much more worth it to me.

Tyler was a skeleton. He had his heart set on that for several months. I always think it's funny to see what kids choose to be. I have no idea why he wanted to be a skeleton so badly, but he had a specific look in mind and wouldn't settle for anything else. Fortunately we found what he wanted in the local classifieds for $5, because I procrastinated (as usual) and all the stores were sold out of skeleton costumes.

And Ryan was a pumpkin, a costume I made for Tyler when he was 2. He was very cute with the extra padding and his funny little run/walk. He had no interest in trick-or-treating, but he did love being outside and playing with any ball he found.
Also, while he is incredibly cute, the question I ask myself daily is, "Will I survive this child?" He is unlike any other toddler I've had. He is 100% constant motion and trouble. If there is trouble to be found, he will find it. He never stops moving and really doesn't sleep well, which means I really don't sleep well, which means I'm tired before I even get up and spend the day chasing him around. He also doesn't talk, which both my previous kids had down by this age. He screeches and screams, grunts and growls, and pulls on my legs when he wants something. He's also become a picky eater and rarely eats dinner. He hates vegetables, but does love fruit, fortunately. He's been extra clingy lately--if I'm holding another child, or even talking to someone else, he comes and whines at my legs until I pick him up. If I dare take a shower while he's awake you better believe I'll be paying for it with a huge mess to clean up.

But on top of all that, he is still the cutest little boy. He keeps my life interesting and I can't imagine what it would be like without him, nor would I want it that way. Plus, he's finally started giving me kisses when I ask for them. With his mouth WIDE open. And we all know there's nothing better than baby kisses, they make life worth living.


Jessica M said...

Kids look fantastic! They're growing up so fast.

Sarah said...

Yep, I really like your bangs,and your amazing sewing skills, and the talent in procrastination and still able to pull off the perfect skeleton costume...

Tricia and Aaron said...

YOU did a GREAT job on Alexis' costume. I love those sleeves. Can't wait to see you guys and we can commisserate on children who don't sleep, together.