Tuesday, October 4

perhaps you can relate?

I will admit that Jeremy and I have not always been the best at Family Home Evening, but we're always trying to be better about it. Our problem isn't really setting aside the time (though some Monday nights seem to fly by with not even a thought of FHE), it's the planning ahead. On Monday evening I usually turn to Jeremy and say, "Do you have a lesson for Family Home Evening?", and 10 minutes later, he does.

Last night as we were attempting to have Family Home Evening, I realized how insane my family is. I'm sure the proper planning would make things run a little smoother, but I think that as long as my children are there it will always be a little interesting, and I really really love that.

The songs that are chosen are always one of these four (because we let the kids pick): Book of Mormon Stories, Popcorn Popping, Once There Was a Snowman, or Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam. And because I'm singing along, they don't sound too great. This week, as soon as Ryan heard us singing he headed to the front of the room and started leading the music.

We try to talk about what we have going on for the week, but Alexis always interjects with random information (like Johnny Appleseed's Birthday, and what day they are serving French Toast for lunch in the cafeteria), and Tyler gets too bored.

The lessons are crazy because the kids seem to be incapable of sitting still, and Ryan is really good at distracting them.

We sometimes have an activity, last night was "Don't Eat Pete", with Ryan trying to snatch all the "Pete's" off the board before we could play.

Occasionally we have snack, usually only on the weeks that I plan ahead.

After all that everything gets loud and crazy. Last night there were some practiced gymnastics moves, some wrestling, some mustache making with pointer fingers, and then Ryan removed his diaper and peed on my carpet.

Usually it ends with me shouting out, "EVERYBODY BE QUIET!", then we sing and everyone is quiet for 3 minutes while we pray. Once that's over the craziness continues, but at least then I can walk away from it all because we've already said the closing prayer.

While it may be tiring and loud I'm always glad we made an effort to do it because while we are around each other often, we aren't always making the effort to talk to each other and teach each other and play together. There truly is wisdom in the idea of Family Home Evening.


Mother said...

seeing ryan with his arms folded makes it all worth while!

Jessica M said...

And it's worth it. Look at that angel with his arms folded!

Mary said...

Glad my kids aren't the only ones! AND glad I'm not the only one who procrastinates the planning. I have to admit that we do have a snack every week because that is how I bribe my kids to be somewhat reverent (terrible, I know). But our snacks usually consist of something I already have on hand, like popcorn or popsicles. Tonight we're going to have hot cocoa.

Shauna said...

Well done Lisa! Well done! So it's a little crazy...so there's a little pee on the floor...they had fun, and everyone was quiet for the prayer - that right there is success!!