Thursday, September 8

new obsession

I don't think I've ever talked about music on my blog, I pretty much just talk about my kids, but now I will do both!

A few months ago I watched a video on YouTube of a band called Imagine Dragons performing their song "It's Time".

And I fell in love.

I'm not sure what it is that I love about this video so much, but it hooked me so I bought their album, also called "It's Time".

Since I bought it I've been listening to it basically nonstop at home and in the car. The best part is that the kids have also fallen in love with this band, so they request to listen to it all the time. Tonight when I picked up Alexis from gymnastics the first thing she said was "Will you turn on Tokyo?"

"Tokyo", that's their favorite song.

They played a free concert in Provo last weekend that Jeremy and I were able to go to. I was so desperate to go I even asked my poor brother-in-law to spend his first Friday night back in Provo for school to babysit. Fortunately he was kind enough to do it. And Jeremy, being the good dad he is, whipped out his phone just as the band was gearing up to play "Tokyo" so he could take a video of it to show the kids.

So, since these songs are coming in my ears and sticking in my brain constantly these days I decided to share. And I share because I care. About you and about Imagine Dragons.


Mary said...

I turned on that Tokyo song and my 2 year old giggled through the entire thing and now is asking me to turn it on again. So it definitely has kid appeal :) Isn't it great when our kids like the same music as us and are no longer asking to listen to things like Mickey Mouse? My kids keep asking me to turn on Coldplay lately and I think that it is great!

Mama Hegji said...

all they lack is a great drummer. go for it jeremy!