Monday, May 16


On Mother's Day I decided I wanted to take a picture with all my children. I generally HATE having my picture taken, and I usually hate the result. But I've started to realize that other people do not hate the results. In fact, someday my kids might like to have a picture of them with their mom. So I sucked it up and piled us all on the bean bag chair, or "Rocky Mountain" as it's known in our house, and had Jeremy snap a few. Only two of them really turned out, so I'm sharing them with you. Even though it pains me to do so.

I'm not sure which one turned out the best. I've been meaning to post these all week but last week is a week I'd like to forget. It was LOOOONG and short all at once. It was packed full of everything but sleep. I spent more time away from my home and my kids than I normally care to (unless I'm on vacation, which I wasn't), and I had to move outside of my comfort zone a bit. And to top it off I had a cough and scratchy throat and sounded like a man all week. Listen to me, I'm such a whiner. Anyway, it was a busy and bizarre week and I'm glad it's over.

The one highlight of the week, however, was that for one whole day it warmed up enough that I could put shorts on Ryan! If you have ever seen his fat legs you know why this was the highlight of the week.
Today it's back to sweatshirt weather (on May 16th? That seems wrong...), but I look forward to warm days where I can gaze upon his fat rolls to my hearts content because they won't be hidden by clothing. And can you even imagine when I put him in a swimsuit??? My heart may stop! I told Jeremy yesterday that if we have any more babies they better be fat or I might not love them because once you've had fat (babies) you can never go back. (Which is ridiculous of course, I love all my babies.)

In other news (really, does any of this qualify as "news"?), yesterday Jeremy cut our grass for the first time this season and he cut a T into it. I remember when I was a teenager my brother, Peter, was taking his turn cutting the grass and spent quite a bit of time cutting his first name into it. Someday Jeremy and I aspire to having a lawn big enough for more than one letter, but for now I guess this will do.

I'm sure I have plenty of other things to write about, but this is all I can eek out now. Things to do, groceries to buy, kids to love on, bathrooms to clean, dishes to do (always), but I'm happy to be back to all of it. Except the dishes--some things will never change.


Rachel & Todd said...

I adore your glasses! They look so cute on you. You should take lots of pictures of yourself with your kids...someday they will cherish them, and home videos too. My mom just took all our old tapes in to be converted to DVD and O my is so funny to watch us as kids back then- I was such a geek. I LOVE it!

Darla said...

Oh, you're so great! I need to come wash your dishes and soak up all your fun-ness and creativity (and the fact that you adore your kids so much..please let that rub off on me!). Wait, did that sound like I don't adore me kids? I do, I do! (; Happy (late) Mothers Day. Yes, take more pics. You'll appreciate it later when you really DON'T look as good..and don't take offense to that..., I just meant we all get old and ugly-er eventually.