Sunday, April 17

4 words I don't want to hear in the morning...or anytime of the day

I made a mistake this morning, and boy did I pay for it. I think maybe my mothering brain hadn't quite turned on yet, or perhaps I'm just dumb. After we were all done eating breakfast I sat down to change Ryan's diaper. He, as usual, started crying and trying to roll away. I didn't have it in me to fight so I decided to let him crawl around for a few minutes without a diaper on.

"What's the worst that can happen?" I thought, "Pee on the floor?" This was Poor Thought Process #1.

After watching his cute naked bum for a few minutes I headed back into the kitchen to finish whatever I was in the middle of. I promptly forgot about naked-from-the-waist-down Ryan. This is Poor Thought Process #2.

About 10 minutes later, as I was in the middle of making my breakfast, Tyler starts frantically yelling "POOP ON THE CARPET! POOP ON THE CARPET!" I didn't immediately panic because I thought, "Oh, I guess a little leaked out of his diaper, I'm sure it's not much". This was Poor Thought Process #3. However, I quickly remembered that he actually didn't have a diaper on at all, and that the situation was probably a lot worse than I thought. I ran into the living room, a little afraid of what I might find.

There, by the toy box, sat my naked-from-the-waist-down son. He was sitting like babies usually do, splits style with his legs out to his sides. And in between his legs was a nice pile of POOP. Poop that he was clearly interested in, as I found it all over his legs, his shirt, his hands and various other areas of the carpet where he spread it.

I picked him up by the armpits and held him an arms length away from my body. Then I stood there thinking, "Should I clean the baby first, or should I clean the carpet first?" I really wasn't sure what to do, but then my brain fired up. I remembered that I have a daughter that practices her mothering skills (also known as, being bossy) all day. I carried Ryan upstairs, where I found Alexis hiding with her nose plugged, and quickly rinsed him in the tub. Then I filled it with clean water and instructed Alexis to sit there and watch him. As I went back downstairs I thought to myself, "Why is Jeremy never around when stuff like this happens??" But really, it's better that way. I'm pretty sure he would have thrown up, and then I'd have two messes to clean up.

And in a situation like that, it's always best to look on the bright side of things. So here's what I came up with:

At least there was no poop around, or in, his mouth.

Maybe if I tried harder I could come up with some more...


In other news, it was Spring Break this last week, and we sure stayed busy. We went to a few fun places with friends, played with cousins, dyed Easter eggs, and Tyler even got to go out on the Rhino with Jeremy and my dad yesterday. We also started the week off by getting tubes put in Ryan's ears. Both ears were infected when we went in, which helped validate my decision to get it done. He did really well, though he did NOT like coming out of the anesthesia. And just this week he's started to make noises that sound like words, instead of just yells. Now I'll share a few pictures to help get your mind off poop.

Alexis and some friends twirling in skirts from the Church History Museum

Tyler and his best bud, Josh, doing their best to break this sound board

Playing at cousin's house

Pushing stuff around in cousin's backyard

Jeremy sunk that thing good!


Cindy said...

Lisa, you are so funny. I had a good laugh out of this one!!! Only you could put it so well!
How did you like the museum? I thought it was very well done.

Jessica M said...

I have a lot of poop stories, each one more horrible than the last. The mother brain is a curse, is it not???

Adam and Rachael said...

hahahaha!! Mom's can laugh together about that right?! We've all been there and that's what builds character.. right? :) Or something like that. (Maybe grey hair!)

Kimberlee said...

A good friend wouldn't laugh right...I guess I'm a bad friend. I was laughing so hard, because I've been there. So sorry for you!!!

Reynolds Family said...

Oh, Lisa . . . What would I do without your hilarious blog posts to make me laugh out loud. Though I am sorry about your carpet. And the mess you had to deal with. But thank you for making what must have been a miserable experience for you a very entertaining one for the rest of us! :)

I miss you!