Thursday, February 17

on "fired"

I love to watch Tyler button his shirt. His cute little fingers that still have a little bit of pudge remind me that he's still my little boy, but their ability to actually button all the buttons on his shirt also remind me that he is growing up.
I also love the proud look on his face when he's done it all by himself! I should have taken the band-aid off his face before taking this picture, oops. And I know he really needs a haircut, but Jeremy wants to keep growing it out. In fact, Jeremy wants to cut a mullet again, but I don't think I can let that happen this time. Once was enough. I'm not sure it'd be as cute on a kid as old as he is, plus he's missing one of his front teeth now which would only add to the look. Back me up on this, I need support!

Meanwhile, I'm babysitting a 3 year old boy today and he and Tyler are playing great together. He is very well behaved and cute, but about every 30 minutes he comes to me with a toy phone and tells me, "My house is on fired! Call my mom!" So I pretend to call his mom, though I'm not exactly sure what it is he wants me to say. After I hang up with her I usually tell him, "your mom said she loves you and to not go in your house when it's on fire!" That's the best advice I could come up with, and he seems satisfied with it until his house catches on fire again.

Lastly, for those interested parties, the whole Ryan sleep situation is not getting much better. For three nights over the weekend he slept for over twelve hours, only waking up once to eat! It was super awesome, I explained to Jeremy last night, the fact that he did that makes me even more upset now that he's not. It's amazing how looooooooooooong it takes to get used to waking up several times at night, yet how quickly you can then readjust back to "normal" sleep. The thing is, Ryan knows how to sleep. He puts himself to sleep every night and for every nap and oftentimes when he wakes up at night, but he can only sleep like that when nothing is wrong with him. And since the beginning of December, something has basically always been wrong with him. Either ear infections, a cold, teeth coming in, or congestion. Right now he's got a lot of congestion, and I'm afraid maybe now another ear infection. I'll probably take him to the doctor tomorrow to see, and if the fluid that was in his ears has turned into an ear infection we'll be on our way to an ENT to see about tubes in his ears. I hate the thought of that, but at least then we'd all get some sleep. And if he's this happy and pleasant when he's got all this stuff going on, then imagine what he'll be like when he's perfectly healthy!

See! He knows how to sleep!

And so does Alexis! I love her and her rosy cheeks.


shellybellybee said...

Cute pictures! I'm sorry about Ryan's sleeping, but don't hate the tubes. You will love the tubes. They saved my life and will probably make it so you sleep muuuuch better. :) (And they don't even hurt them.)

Shelise said...

Can you have Tyler teach Dallin how to do buttons... he refuses. And, yes I agree that Tyler is too old for the mullet. But maybe someday Ryan will have some hair and then Jeremy can do the mullet thing again. I look forward to that!