Wednesday, January 19

more of the same

Wow, I forgot how much more work a baby becomes once they are mobile! I spend half my day moving things out of Ryan's destructive path and making sure he doesn't fall off of something or onto something dangerous. Time may have faded my memory, but I SWEAR Ryan is more intense with this whole standing thing than my first two kids were. He MUST stand at all times. When you put him down for a nap you have to go back in there usually about 5 times and lay him down again before he actually falls asleep. One time, shortly after he learned to crawl and stand, I went into his room a few minutes after laying him down for bed just to find him crawling around his crib with his eyes shut while tiredly whimpering. He was so exhausted that he wanted to sleep but it's like his brain was saying, "MUST KEEP MOVING! DO NOT STOP!" So, you know, that's a lot of fun. Did someone request a fat tummy picture? You've come to the right place!

Also, the past few weeks I've been weaning him from breastfeeding. If you've ever done that than you can feel my pain, and you probably know what I mean when I say that Benadryl and cabbage leaves are my new best friends. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's better that way. Did someone request a cute picture of him drinking his bottle? I happily oblige!

It rained over the weekend, which melted a lot of snow, and yesterday was sunny enough and barely warm enough to take the boys outside. Tyler got to ride his scooter with some friends, but probably spent more time eating really old snow.

Tyler has also been doing some pretty funny stuff lately. Currently his favorite thing to do is hide when he hears someone coming into the same room as him, and then jump out and say "BOO!" I remember Alexis doing something similar around this age too. The problem with Tyler is that he's not at all quiet about it, so it's never a surprise. And he does it about 100 times a day, but I can only act surprised for the first 3 times before it gets old.

Also, he has started throwing the word "heck" into sentences randomly, and it almost is never used correctly, which makes it really funny. Today he said to me, "What is this heck thing?"

Finally, when he's telling you a story, he uses the phrase "and guess what?" a lot. Like, A LOT. Just a minute ago he was telling me a story about a dream he had last night and it went something like this:

"Mom, guess what! Last night I had a dream about a bakugan, and guess what? It went tick tock, and guess what? I was hiding from it, and guess what? It tried to find me, and guess what? Alexis and grandma found it, and guess what? They killed it! And guess what? I was happy they killed it, and guess what? It wanted to kill me!" And so on and so forth.

Then there's Alexis. She's still beautiful. She still keeps me on my toes and scratching my head.

The other night I tried to take a quick video of Ryan in his bouncer while we were finishing up dinner. As a result you get a quick peek at what dinner is like around here: Tyler is always still hungry and we always have to ask Alexis if she is done eating, and Ryan just ignores us all. In addition to that, in this video we get a burp from Jeremy, Alexis telling us the date so we'll always remember, and Tyler being really annoying. Amazingly enough, I didn't yell at any of them!


Adam and Rachael said...

Cute pictures and I laughed at the video! I love it! What a wonderful family Lisa.

Sarah said...

You just yelled at them AFTER you turned the camera off!!! I love your story telling...soo good!

Darla said...

3 kids!! And to think we met you when you were mere newlyweds. Life has changed!!

Allie said...

haha fat tummy pic potbelly baby