Monday, December 13

the wedding

In an effort to put off all the millions of things I have to do today and tomorrow and the next day, I'm going to share some pictures with you.

This past weekend my sister, Rachel, got married. We're very excited for her and are happy to welcome her groom into our family--I think he'll fit well. And because I happen to be married to a talented guy, and our labor is very cheap (very cheap=free), Jeremy and I tackled the project of the wedding cake. They wanted a cupcake tier cake with a small cake on top. Jeremy built the tier and it turned out beautifully (of course). Rachel and Nick baked 137 cupcakes and froze them a week before the wedding. Then with the help of YouTube and with the encouragement of a friend who makes awesome cakes but lives in Denver, I tried my hand at frosting them. Another friend, who lives around the corner, also saved us by making the top cake (which looked beautiful!) for us and came over and helped frost the cupcakes. We definitely could not have done all of this without their help!

And this is what my Christmas present from Jeremy looked like (still looks like...) after making at least 4 batches of frosting. I definitely broke that thing in!

We didn't pull the camera out much, their photographer was walking around taking pictures so I didn't worry about doing that. But I'm wishing now that I had taken pictures of my kids with Rachel and Nick, and maybe a picture of me with Rachel. Oh well, too late now. This is the only picture we did take of them. Jeremy took it when Rachel and Nick just happened to be standing over there, and I thought it was pretty clever.

But I did make sure we took a family picture since we rarely all look this nice at the same time. But just because we looked nice doesn't mean we can take a decent family picture--these will have to do.

Also this weekend we discovered Ryan has an ear infection--the first of my kids to ever get one. Unfortunately we didn't discover this until after a VERY long night of a lot of crying (mostly his). I'm learning that it is possible to function on very little amounts of sleep, it's just really painful to do so. Hopefully we've turned a corner though, and things will start improving!


Lindsey said...

the cake looks amazing!! you guys did such a great job. and p.s. i love tyler's hair.

Mary said...

We had a family wedding this weekend too (Josh's sister). I didn't make the cake, however.
Also, I am jealous of your Christmas present. I have been wanting one of those forever.
AND - Seriously? You have three kids and only one ear infection? We have had AT LEAST 50 ear infections between my three kids (enough to almost bankrupt us when you factor in the copays, perscriptions, and surgeries!).

Adam and Rachael said...

Beautiful cake!! And that's how most of our family pictures look too! They have character. :)

john and bre said...


Reynolds Family said...

Lisa, it looks AMAZING! Jeremy - the stand looks awesome (of course) and I can't wait to tell Kara how perfect the cake on top looks. And the cupcakes look perfect. I'm so impressed! Way to go! And I HAVE to say that I am in love with your red kitchenaide! Hooray! And cute family pictures! ;)

Jessica M said...

What a fun (an rather fabulous) wedding cake! Incredible work! Love the cake topper, almost as much as I love Tyler's hair.

Shelise said...

WOW, the cake looks amazing!!! You did awesome! Good you... and Jeremy too! And I love the family pictures, (especially Alexis folding her arms like she is way too cool to take a picture), you all look so cute all matching. Anyway, love it!

Kara said...

You look so pretty in the picture of your family! Everyone else looks great too, even if they weren't all looking at the camera. Thanks for asking me to make the cake.