Thursday, December 2

Ryan's new girlfriend

Lately I've sat down to write several blog posts and I get almost done but then I'm interrupted. So I leave it sitting up on my computer for several hours until I can come back to it, and then when I come back to it I don't like what I've written anymore. It always happens to the posts that are more personal and share some of my feelings.



I always tease Jeremy about not having any feelings. I am 93% sure he has some, he's just really bad at sharing them! But lately I've realized I'm not much better than him, I usually like to keep things light and fluffy.

Anyway, this was one of those posts. I started it, got interrupted, came back to it and didn't like it. Basically what I was getting at is that I have lots of good friends in my life. Friends from the past who I know I could still feel comfortable with, and good friends in my present life who help me and sustain me and keep me sane. I don't know why I'm so blessed to be surrounded by so many good people, but I'm thankful for it. And I have feelings about it, but I guess I'm not going to share them!

What spurred all this is the little baby in the picture below, holding Ryan's hand. Her name is Emmy, and she was born two days after Ryan. Her mom is my good friend Karly that I met at BYU. I've written before (and shared some feelings) about my group of friends from BYU, here and here.

This is Karly's first baby and I think it's really cool that our babies were born so close together. She lives in California, so I was really excited to find out she would be in town for Thanksgiving, and I pestered her until she squeezed me in at the last minute for a visit! Oh and in case any of you are familiar enough with Ryan's wardrobe to recognize that Emmy is wearing his clothes, she had a blowout within minutes of getting to our house and thus had to wear boy clothes.

I tried my hardest to hate Karly because she's even skinnier than she was before she got pregnant and I'm...not. But I like her too much so I was unsuccessful. Also, she threw up A LOT throughout her whole pregnancy and it's hard to hate a person who has to deal with that. She has some pretty good throwing up stories though, and that's another reason I'm glad she's my friend--she keeps me entertained!

Lastly, I've been trying for at least a month now to write a post about an experience that has shaped our year, but the whole thing about my feelings is getting in the way. I can't seem to write about it to do it justice without getting too personal on this public forum. Hopefully soon I'll be able to handle it.


Adam and Rachael said...

I miss you guys! You both have the cutest babies ever! Ryan and Emmy will have to hook up at BYU. :)

Lindsey said...

Intrigue! Just know that blogger land is safe zone...right? maybe? you're little guy is getting so big! i can't believe how time flies!

Mary said...

I should follow your example and save many of my posts before publishing them. I get caught up in feelings sometimes and post things that I probably shouldn't (and wouldn't if I hit save instead of publish).
Maybe I'll make that a New Year's Resolution :)

If Josh would ever stop working 14 hour days, we still have to give you a call sometime and get together. Maybe we could go see the lights at Temple Square or something like that. We're going to a play at UVU tonight that my niece is in if you have a babysitter and need a night out. I think that's in you neck of the woods :)

Darla said...

Do it! Do it (be personal, I mean)!! Those two babies are scrumptious! And your friend Karly's hair? LOVE IT!