Tuesday, September 7

baby quilts

Here are two things I'm not good at:
1. Keeping up traditions
2. Actually finishing things I start

When Alexis was a baby I wanted to make a quilt for her. I knew nothing about quilting but I figured it couldn't be that hard. So I drew a picture of what I wanted it to look like, made up some measurements and went to work. The result was not super fantastic, but it is by far Alexis' favorite blanket.
This was the best picture I could find of it right now...

So, encouraged by her love of the blanket I made her, I decided to make Tyler a quilt when he was born. This time I used a pattern and actually didn't finish it until he was about a year old (see flaw #2 above). The results were better than the first, but I've still got a lot to learn. And it's not Tyler's most favorite blanket, but he likes it and uses it.

Then when the third child came along I decided I wanted to try and keep up the tradition. So when I found out Ryan was a boy I started searching to see what kind of quilt I wanted to make this time. Then I stumbled across this and knew that it was what I wanted to make. She didn't explain how to make it, but it didn't look that hard--so I just guessed. I think I made the spaces too big between my squares, but I like how mine turned out anyway.

It was fun to make, really easy (and technically not quilting...), and I finished it two days before Ryan was born! Honestly it's amazing I finished it at all, I really do have problems with follow through.

Then, after I made it, I came across this on the web and knew I had to make another one. This time it won't be quite as orderly as the first one I made. I guess I should probably finish the other projects I've started before I start in on this one...but someday it'll get done!

And maybe by then I'll care to learn how to take a good picture of a quilt, rather than just throwing it across my couch and taking a quick picture. But I don't really see that happening!


Sarah said...

My sister-in-law just showed me that quilting blog! She is crazy...my s-i-l is making me a quilt (i'm not as good as you), similar to the one you made Ryan, that I found on that blog. Great minds think alike!

The Shill Spill said...

I love the ticker tape quilt! I also love all the quilts you have just shown us! You are one muy talented woman! I also can't get enough of your little 'big' guy! What great posts Lisa! What a great mom you are!