Friday, June 11

spell check doesn't know what meconium is, do you?

Well, I bet you can't guess what I'm going to write about today, can you?

I apologize if you don't come here to read about my kids, but since I sit around doing nothing but feeding a new baby every 3 hours, you can understand why my thoughts are so focused in that one direction.

Actually, if you don't come here to read about my kids then I'm at a loss for why you come. That's all I ever write about!

Gas smiles. I like to pretend that he thinks I'm funny, but we all know the real reason he's smiling--he is a particularly gassy fellow. Did I mention that he filled at least 13 diapers in the hospital with meconium? I'm not exaggerating either. The pediatrician said that's probably how he lost 10 1/2 ounces in 2 days. And do you know how you can tell I'm a third time mom instead of a first time mom? Because during that first diaper change I was all alone in the hospital room, changing him on my lap (on top of his and my blankets), when he started to poop. I had already removed the diaper at this point, and had two options. One, I could let it get on the sheets, or two, I could catch it with my bare hand. Go ahead and guess which I did, and then think about which you would do.

What? You don't come here to read about my kids poop? Fine, I'll move on.

How about pee? This time it's about Tyler. I had hoped he would be old enough and potty trained long enough that we wouldn't have any regression. I was wrong. Several nights in a row he wet the bed, and then peed his pants in a few unfortunate places throughout the first few days of bringing Ryan home. He seems to be over it now, fortunately. But now he's getting up insanely early (for him) and remains grumpy throughout the whole day. Not sure what to do about that, other than count my many blessings that Jeremy is here to help.

Here's Ryan with his cousin Tanner who is 2 months older than him. Including Ryan, there have been/will be 4 babies born on Jeremy's side of the family in 2010. He's going to have plenty of cousins to play with! And then on my side the kids' very first cousin will be born in August.

Babies, babies, babies.

If I were in Relief Society right now, here is what I'd share in the good news minute:

I must be starting to look normal again because my kids haven't asked me in a day or two why my stomach is still fat!

Speaking of which, in the hospital Alexis asked me why my face looked funny. I thought I looked fairly normal, but according to her "the details" looked weird. Leave it to her to keep me humble.


Scooby and Jon said...

He's a very handsome little man!

Krissy said...

Way to be brave with the bare-handed manuever! I love Alexis' description of 'the details.' I'm totally stealing that line, because I'm afraid the details look weird quite often on my face.

Dorothy said...

"the details" LOL. That picture of the cousins is so sweet. He looks like he belongs in your family, but to me he has more of his own look than your others.