Friday, May 28

you know what it's time for!

Another picture from my phone. I swear I'm not going to turn into one of those people who only takes pictures with her phone and never with a real camera. But this wouldn't be my blog if I didn't document the first swim of the season, right?

It was windy, and about to rain at any minute, but my kids are die-hards. Or at least Alexis is--and you know all about her persuasive powers. I did not get in this time. Jeremy asked me why I didn't, since I have a maternity suit, so I told him that I'm pretty sure maternity suits are not meant for 39 week belly's.

The flu is making it's way through our house, and I hope it leaves for good before this new little guy arrives. I had it last weekend, Tyler had it on Wednesday, and now Jeremy's got it. It's a pretty nasty version of the flu, but it moves quickly, so hopefully Jeremy will be better soon.

Did you know that Wednesday is the day? Well really, it could be any day now. I went to the doctor and I'm dilated to a 3, which has never in my life happened before. With my previous two kids I never got past a 1 until they hooked me up to the Pitocin. So there's hope for me yet. But even if nothing happens until Wednesday, I'm still pretty proud of myself!

Yesterday Alexis "graduated" from kindergarten. I'm generally not of the mindset that it's necessary to throw graduation ceremonies and parties for things like preschool and kindergarten, but I have to admit it was pretty cute to see her up there with her class, and receiving her "diploma". I can't believe it was 9 months ago that she started kindergarten, and even though I'm afraid it's going to be a long summer, I'm really not ready to part with her all day long, starting in the fall. Kids really do grow up too fast.

Have I mentioned that I'm a little afraid of change? And there's a lot of it coming at me fast. I wonder if I can get it stop by throwing a big fit. Although I suppose life would just be easier if I learned to roll with it instead.

(But I might try the fit, just to see.)

(P.S. Do you think once this life sucking entity is no longer in my body, my blog might get funny again? I hope so, because even I'm bored reading my latest entries.)


Reynolds Family said...

Hooray for the pool! We have been enjoying having a pool this summer, too. And Wednesday!! I am so excited to hear when this baby makes his appearance!

Mary said...

Your blog is never boring!

Good luck with everything this week!!! It was at exactly this time last year that I was nine months pregnant (Nate's b-day is tomorrow), so I can completely relate to how you are feeling.

Rachel Hansen said...

You are still funny my friend...I mean who uses fancy words like "life sucking entity"??? I LOVE your blog! We have had 90 degree weather lately, I wish we had a pool to jump in! Good luck this week with everything.

Jessica M said...

Didn't it just snow in Utah? And now it's warm enough to swim. Crazy.

Hope you "enjoy" your last few days before baby! Can't wait to meet your new little guy.

Krissy said...

I can't believe they've been swimming already. Brrr. I bet Brea wishes she lived at your house, though, because she would totally have been swimming already if it was up to her.

Lindsey said...

You aren't boring-lol! Pregnancy does however I've decided, make you question your will to live. Hang in there. Your mojo will come back.