Monday, May 10

It's been almost two weeks since I last blogged, I think that's a record for me. Besides the pregnancy we've got other things going on here that are a bit distracting. That would be my excuse, but mostly it's the pregnancy.

I believe my stomach has reached maximum capacity, so I'm hoping it'll stop stretching. And the bigger my stomach gets, the dumber my brain gets. Go ahead and bring up something intelligent around me, it'll be good for a laugh. Which leads me to wonder why I continue to watch Jeopardy nightly?

I'm down to 3 1/2 weeks or less! I've been experiencing pre-labor things that I never experienced with my first two, so I'm holding out hope that my body may actually go into labor on it's own this time. Jeremy finds that funny, so at least I've given him a reason to tease me.

I thought I'd share a few recent proud parenting moments, just for fun.

I've noticed lately that Alexis' manipulation tactics have expanded and she now uses prayer as a form of it. When given the opportunity to say our nightly family prayer, she'll often pray that Tyler stops doing whatever behavior she finds bad or undesirable. Occasionally if she's plenty upset with me she'll pray for me also, but it most often is directed at Tyler.

Tonight while we were up in the kids room putting them to bed, Jeremy pulled out his phone and opened up some "fart noise" app that he has on it. Tyler wanted a turn making a noise on the phone so Jeremy told him to go fart then. Tyler went over and sat on a chair, looked at us for about ten seconds, and then sure enough, farted on command. I'm pretty sure Jeremy will use that story someday when bragging about his kids. I just find it amazing.

Here's a cute picture of the kids taken the first night we moved them into the other bedroom, with their new bedding.
And lastly, here's a video that shows a fairly daily occurrence around here. I used to wrestle with my kids before I started growing another one in my stomach, and I think Tyler has really missed it. Now he knows that his only source of wrestling is Jeremy, so the minute Jeremy walks in the door from work something triggers in Tyler and he becomes insane. The other night he was especially wild so Jeremy grabbed the camera and took a few short videos of it. The best part is that Alexis recognized the craziness and went and put on what she called her "protecting gear". You'll notice a beanie and a helmet, socks on her hands, a backpack on her chest, and snow boots. Unfortunately, even with all her protective gear, she still doesn't stand a chance against Tyler.

I know that while watching that you were primarily concerned with the safety of our furniture, our TV, all our nice things. But don't worry, we're having a boxing ring installed next week.


Lindsey said...

I love that Alexis has a bike helmet on. It seems very appropriate as a safety measure. LOL!!!

Dorothy said...