Monday, April 12

thinking of a title will cause Alexis to be late for school...

Should I start every post these days by mentioning how tired I am? How long would that take before it got old? Oh, it already is old? Never mind then, I'm not tired. I'm not exhausted. I'm not pooped. (That's a fancy word for tired). (A little Fancy Nancy humor for you).

I am quite pleased that it's the middle of April. Technically I have 2 months left of this pregnancy business, but I'm counting on less because I like to do stupid things like get my hopes up. But this morning I stepped on the scale and boy howdy was that a mistake! I hadn't prepped myself or anything. I just did it quickly before jumping in the shower, and then I spent the whole time in the shower worrying that my weight will cause it to collapse and crash through the floor to the kitchen below. That would be embarrassing! We'll just say I'm not one of those people who gains the safe and suggested amount of weight during pregnancy. I gain way more than that. So no wonder I'm (not) tired.

And now I challenge you to use the phrase "boy howdy" in a sentence today. It's kind of fun.

Last week I got it in my head that I need to learn how to cut boy's hair. I currently have 1 3/4 boys so I should really be responsible and frugal and learn to do it myself. I will never attempt this on Alexis, Jeremy or myself, I know my limits, but who cares if Tyler's hair looks stupid right? Obviously not us. Instead of asking the plethora of people who actually know how to do this, I turned to the Internet, turned on a movie for Tyler, then turned on the electric clippers. The result isn't terrible, especially if you don't look closely, but it's definitely done by a beginner. Fortunately his hair grows fast and we can try again in a few months. I should show you a picture, but I don't have one and I'm not about to chase him down to get one. I'm (not) too tired for that.

Here's a few pictures I do have. First, this is what Alexis is wearing today. Just wanted to document that the weird outfits continue.
Pants under a skirt is her new favorite look. And that is the tie to her bathrobe worn around her waist. When we went out this morning she said to me "Thanks for letting me wear my bathrobe tie today to school". She sounded genuinely surprised that I let her. When honestly, to me it got lost with the rest of the outfit so I didn't even think to tell her no. I'm starting to think that from here on out when I buy her new clothes I should only buy them in one or two colors and definitely nothing with prints. That way she's guaranteed to match.

However, I really do love her creativity. Which is what the next picture shows.
I took this picture because I thought that whatever she had made here was so darn creative. I mean, the helmet for the barbie is made out of half an Easter egg strapped to her head by a rubber band. And the pens were handles or paddles or something. Unfortunately I can't remember now what exactly it was supposed to be, but it sure was smart!

And now, I need help. My couches have a bunch of dumb little stains and watermarks on them. They are microfiber. Anyone know how to clean them up to look nice??

Now back to your Monday's everyone. Boy Howdy is mine busy!


Mary said...

I love reading your blog, Lisa. You are so funny!
Hang in there. I would give you words of encouragement, but honestly the last two months of my last pregnancy seemed endlessly long and uncomfortable. I retained water terribly and couldn't wear my shoes, kept passing out in weird places like the dentist office, and could never get comfortable to sleep.
I'm sure that I just cheered you up and made you feel like you could easily manage the next two months with this comment.
Just pretend that you didn't read this . . . I'll just end by saying - boy howdy was it all worth it!

Krissy said...

Oh, how I loved reading that. 1. I also fear I will crash through the floor while in the tub or shower, except I would fall into the Adamson's living room. Sometimes I think about practicing grabbing my towel as I fall so they won't see me naked. 2. I don't know if you noticed, but I complimented Tyler on his hair at church without even knowing you had cut it youself, and ps- Jordan and I cut his hair on our own and I dread doing it. Home hair-cutting and perfectionism don't mix. 3. I adore Alexis. I would love brea to grow up to be just like her...although I'm not sure children dressing themselves and mom perfectionism mix either. I'm sure we'll see!

Scooby and Jon said...

I just use the attachment handle for carpet cleaners on my couch, it works pretty well (mine's microfiber as well. Since you're (not) too tired, I'll bring my mom's and do it for you if you want

Scooby and Jon said...

Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure I gained more weight with my pregnancy than you will with yours. and I didn't fall through the shower. So I think you're safe. :)

Reynolds Family said...

Boy Howdy, Lisa, you sure do know how to put a smile on my face; it always makes my day when I see a post from you. Sorry I can't help with the couch question, but I've heard microfiber is easily cleaned . . . have you tried resolve? It works wonders on my carpet, but maybe it would ruin microfiber.

Ashlee said...

You say things so well. I am with you on the whole weight gaining thing. My showers will never be the same again ;)

Cindy said...

The carpet cleaning man told me to take some laundry detergent (after all, microfiber is fabric :) ), mix it in some water, take a scrub brush and put a little on the brush and start scrubbing. Then take your carpet cleaner with upholstery attachment, spray clean water and suck it up.
How does that sound? Do you have a carpet cleaner? I know Melanie does and so do I, but Melanie is closer.
Good luck!!!

Jennifer said...

Life sounds fun at your house!

Adam and Rachael said...

You only have 2 months left?! That's crazy! You're almost done!(I'm trying to make you feel good) :) I have 5 months left. yeah! And I'm bound to gain a ridiculous amount of weight since I'm only allowed to be a couch potato. And I use clippers on my boys hair's the easiest and boy's hair does grow back fast. Keep up the good work!

Dorothy said...

If all goes well with cleaning your couches, tell me what you did and I will follow suit. Glad yours could be the guinea pigs.

Melanie said...

You are more than welcome to borrow our carpet cleaner. I need to clean my couches too but you can do it first since my three crazy boys seem to take up all my time!