Wednesday, March 10

travel log-ish

It would appear that blogging while pregnant is difficult for me. Actually, it's getting to the point where doing anything while pregnant is difficult--especially bending over. As in, bending over to pick up that toy on the floor. Oh, and that one over there too. And the sock in the corner. And the wrapper under the couch. And to help Tyler put his pants and underwear back on after using the bathroom, etc., etc., etc.

So, we went to Phoenix last week. Jeremy hasn't been back there in 6 years and has really been wanting to go. While there we saw a spring training game (Angels vs. White Sox), got together with a lot of his old high school friends that still live out there, swam, and basically just enjoyed the sunshine. I can definitely see myself becoming a snowbird when I'm old--with or without Jeremy. Though I hope he chooses with.

We were all healthy and the kids loved the plane, despite how late it was. If I could do the trip over the only thing I would change would be to not start out so late, the kids never really caught up on their sleep. They did pretty well but definitely had their grumpy moments--as did I.

Jeremy and I flew separately because we were using flyer miles, it's a long story. But on the way home our flights were on different airlines but left and arrived home at the same time. However, the kids and I managed to miss our flight. Tyler told me he had to go to the bathroom as our flight started to board (which he never says, so I took him seriously!) and I thought we had enough time. We hurried and as we were getting back to the gate I noticed a person boarding but figured we were probably the last ones. I got to the gate and handed the lady my boarding pass and she got really snippy with me. "What's this for? You're not on this flight anymore! We paged you several times." I thought maybe she was annoyed with me but was going to let me on anyway, but nope. She shut the door and left me standing there confused and ready to cry. At this point the kids and I were all REALLY tired and they were pretty bored from waiting in the airport for an hour already. They put us on standby for the next flight, but if we didn't make that one we would have to wait until noon the next day. We had already returned the rental car, we didn't have a hotel room and Jeremy had all our luggage. So I cried, then Alexis cried. Then we prayed. And fortunately we got on the next flight! Tyler slept the whole flight home, Jeremy picked us up and when we got home I ate my weight in Twizzlers--a good comfort food.

The kids on the flight to Phoenix (watching Tarzan)

Hole in the Rock

This picture makes my heart swell with pride.
She wanted to climb that rock--that's my girl!

Tyler's favorite thing in all of Phoenix--a dinosaur to ride on!

This picture shows what every one's favorite part of the trip was--
having Jeremy around!

Angels & White Sox game

I only put this in as evidence that I was there.
Kindly ignore all my extra lbs.

The kids in front of the Mesa Temple

Jeremy's h.s. friends and spouses (and red eyes cause I'm lazy)

Now we're back to our normal routine, with some rainy skies. And Tyler appears to have entered the terrible three's stage. At first I thought maybe he was still tired and trying to catch up on sleep, but unfortunately that's not it. He's just 3. Maybe by the time this next baby is 3 scientists will have discovered the cure for terrible three's. I would gladly donate $$ to that cause.


lindseyj said...

You look awesome in this picture Lisa! And I love Alexis in the background with a cheerleading outfit on. What a cutie!

Glen and Rachel said...

How fun! I want to go to Phoenix too! Oh, and you never need to make excuses for extra lbs when you're PREGNANT! And I'm really really sorry about your awful airplane experience. I give you props for even boarding a plane by yourself with 2 kids. I would have just stayed home.

Krissy said...

what a fun little trip! I can't wait for warmer weather!

Anonymous said...

Max has that same AC/DC shirt Tyler is wearing - in fact, he's wearing it today! Coop has one too (different style) and so does Jeff! Ahhh, my matching AC/DC boys!