Monday, March 15

anyone seen my brain?

I just have to take a minute and let everyone know that I have a major case of the pregnancy stupids. Some people sugarcoat it and call it "absentmindedness" or "forgetfulness", but the fact is that I'm really just plain stupid these days.

Today I walked Alexis to school only to return home to realize I had locked myself out of the house. This might not seem so stupid except that I did it just last Friday too. You would think that would have reminded me to take keys with me. I'm too large to jump the fence where we have a hidden key, but fortunately last time I was able to send Alexis over. This time she was already at school and I had to call my mom to come let me in.

Last week I made rolls with dinner and put in 2 tablespoons of salt when the recipe called for 2 teaspoons. As I was pouring it in I thought to myself "boy, this seems like a lot of salt", but I just kept on pouring.

Now I'm not normally a gourmet cook, but I manage to make most of my meals without any large mistakes or burning anything. Yesterday, however, was a whole different story. I decided to make a meal I've made hundreds of times and is quite literally the easiest recipe in the world. You throw about 5 ingredients in a crock-pot and stir. All afternoon we smelled that cooking and looked forward to eating it--especially poor Jeremy who was fasting. When it came time to eat, I took the lid off the crock-pot and the stuff was burned black and bubbling! It seriously looked like I was cooking tar in there. Poor Jeremy was so hungry that he ate about half of his piece of chicken before I demanded that he stop.

I'm telling you, it takes a major case of stupids to burn dinner in a crock-pot! The thing is a slow cooker, meaning it should basically be impossible to burn anything in there.

I can think of a million and one more daily examples of my pregnancy stupids, but I'm already feeling bad enough about my current state of mind. If things continue to progress on this downward slope someone will need to send help. For the safety of my children, the health of my husband, and the life of our fish.


Mary said...

Ahhh Pregnancy Brain! I get that too. My personal favorite moment was when I was pregnant with Abby and I put my son in his car seat but forgot to strap him in - two different times - on very busy roads!

And I also burned one of my "go to" meals recently and I don't even have the pregnancy excuse (at least I don't think that I do :)). It was soup and not cream based soup, just regular vegetable beef soup. How in the world do you burn soup? I did it. So don't feel bad about your chicken!

Jessica Munk said...

My first experience with a crockpot ended is a burned blackened dried out mess. It took years to try again. I am still weary of trying things in it.
When I was pregnant with Max I totally locked myself out a bunch of times. One of them being when the furniture store was dropping off our new couches. I wasn't about to have them leave and the window above the kitchen sink was open. The delivery men said it was against policy to "break in" to my house, even with my permission. I tried to make them feel guilty: "I guess me at 7 mo pregnant is going to have to climb up into the window" (Which I KNEW was IMPOSSIBLE. but that was beside the point) The guilt trip worked! And we got our couches in :)

Chelsea Stewart said...

Lisa, if it makes you feel any better, I think I saw your brain bouncing gleefully down the street away from home...with my brain. I would have tried to catch them both, but I, too, am suffering from a horrible case of the stupids and so it didn't cross my mind to try and go after them. Sorry. Hopefully they can be returned to their rightful owners sooner rather than later.

The other misfortune that happens when I'm pregnant is that I'm unable to find any utensils that hold food of any sort. My food literally jumps from my utensils onto my shirt without fail, and this has increased my wash load tremendously. I'm getting tired of it.

Jessica M said...

Sorry, but I found this post hilarious. I wish my case of stupids was a product of pregnancy but alas, I'm spacey a good portion of the time anyway. BUT let's use any excuse we can get, yes?

shellybellybee said...

Oh, that post was awesome. It sounds like a day in my life, only I'm not pregnant, so I have no excuse. At least your brain will get back to normal around the beginning of June.