Wednesday, November 18

boys will be boys

I had a whole post typed up about the nature of little boys. Mostly pondering on why they are the way they are and admitting that I don't entirely understand them. Tyler is often described by others as "all boy", meaning he loves all the typical boy things: cars, balls, sports, dirt, etc. But that post didn't feel right, so I left it for awhile and went out in the backyard with Tyler.

We have a little tree that dropped leaves, for the first time, and Tyler asked me to rake them into a pile so that he could jump in them. I watched him jump over and over, with hardly any leaves to pad his bottom, and realized how glad I am to be a mother to a boy. He introduces so many things into my life that I might not otherwise experience. Sure I don't understand why certain things make him happy, I'm just glad that he is happy.

But I do have a few things that I wonder about when it comes to my little Ty-guy.

1. How did he end up with such a need to wrestle? He has an actual need for it, as real as his need to eat, sleep, and poop.

2. How come boys just know how to mimic the sound of any kind of engine? I swear it must come hard wired in their brain.

3. How do they know about bad guys, weapons, and killing if you've never introduced it to them?

These are some of the things I wonder. I'll never really figure it out, since I have the mind, feelings and logic of a girl, but I do know being the mother to a little boy is a real pleasure! And I'm really glad that he's still little. He'll always be a boy, but he won't always come to me when he's hurt, he won't always ask me silly questions, and he won't always let me pat his little bum to my heart's content.

As the saying goes, thank Heaven for little boys.

P.S. Alexis introduces me to plenty of new things too. For instance, did you know it's possible for girls to like boys as young as the age of 5? She has a boy named Max in her class, and when she talks about him she has a goofy love struck look on her face. And her favorite part about him? His smile!! Please do not ask her about this, I'm trying to not encourage it! Thank Heaven for little girls?? Yes, I do thank Heaven for her, and then I pray for help.

P.P.S. I'm approaching post #300. Any suggestions on what I should do to celebrate? Or should I let it pass quietly by? At the rate I'm posting these days it probably won't happen for a month anyway...


Ashlee said...

I agree that there is a NEED for boys to wrestle. Ben is constantly asking to "fight". He could fight all day! You say things so well!

The Shill Spill said...

I am pretty sure that Jake taught Tyler about bad guys, and killing...because we've had that going on at our house for years! And, yes, I also agree with you about wrestling. Aaron makes it a point every night to rough house with the boys before bed. (It gives me a break too!)