Friday, October 23


It's been one of those weeks. Who knows what brings these weeks on? Change in the weather? Waking up on the wrong side of the bed? Colds?

But it's the kind of week where it seems the best I can do is turn the couch on it's front end and let them build a fort. And then leave it like that for two days. The kind of week where I just sit back, read a book, and ensure that no one kills anyone else.

Though yesterday morning the guilt finally got to me and I pulled out some Halloween wood cutouts and we painted them.
The beauty of underachieving, as I have done this week, is that when you do something completely normal you are treated as a hero.

This afternoon we're headed to St. George for some fun on the sand dunes in the Rhino. This quick trip has something for everyone. For Alexis, it's the swimming pool and the other little girl that will be there too. For Tyler and Jeremy, it's the time on the Rhino. For me, it's the company of my husband, the warm sunshine, and the lack of responsibility for fixing food. I suspect this trip is just what everyone around here needs! And maybe next week we can return to normal?

P.S. Mullets are only funny once (if then...)--so we brought this back!


Krissy said...

He is absolutely adorable with a mohawk. Love it.

Shelise said...

I don't think they are only funny once, he looked adorable with the mullet but I like the mohawk too.