Monday, August 31

a ramble, with no pictures

Guys. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that Alexis goes to school EVERY DAY (well, Mon-Fri)! EVERY DAY! Maybe it's because everything she's ever done (dance, soccer, gymnastics, preschool) has always been once a week, or at most, twice a week. This school stuff seems too good to be true. I know I'm not the only mom that's felt like this, right? I'll tell you though, I do miss her. More than missing her actual physical presence, I miss what life used to be like 5 short days ago. All of a sudden she's got a whole other world that I know very little about. Does that seem fair to anyone else? It doesn't seem fair to me! And a schedule! I'd forgotten what it was like to live by a schedule. But it's been so good for all of us. She's been playing nicer with Tyler, she asks more questions ( that a good thing?), I have more patience, she has more patience, and she is actually washing her hands after going to the bathroom without me even reminding her! Don't ask me how that's related to school, I'll just take it.

Hmm, I don't know where this blog post is going. I was going to talk about the weekend, but now I'm not so sure I have much to say about it. Oh, except this. Saturday was an almost perfect day. The only bad part about it was that Jeremy had to work for a few hours in the morning. But Alexis had a soccer game, which was fun. Then both kids and I napped which meant Jeremy got some quiet, and then we did something Alexis had been begging us to do. Once upon a time several months ago we went geocaching. Do you know what that is? I'm not going to explain it, so read this wikipedia article if you are interested. Anyway, Jeremy had a GPS that he got from work (somebody left it in a car and never ever claimed it--this is also how we've acquired half the movies we own), and thought geocaching sounded interesting. The one we went to first was incredibly easy because it was for kids and it had a box of toys, so the kids left an item and took a new-to-them item out of the box. Anyway, Alexis wanted to do that again on Saturday, so Jeremy looked up some local caches and we took off after naps to find them. Turns out these were not for kids, and were harder, but it was still so fun! I think it's a great family activity, so if you have a GPS go try it. If you don't, look in the lost and found box everywhere you go and maybe you'll get lucky! However, at times I had flashbacks to when I was a teenager and my mom and dad would make us pick blackberries off the side of busy roads, which of course embarrassed me. So maybe if you have sensitive teenagers, don't go geocaching. Sorry mom and dad, I was a dumb teenager!

After geocaching was over we picked up some food and came home to watch "Meet the Robinson's" (see above paragraph if you wonder where we got that movie) while having a picnic on the living room floor. It was a perfect family day!

Unfortunately ever since then Tyler has been a bit monstrous, mostly because he seems to think sleeping is overrated. I wish I agreed.

And tomorrow is September--for once I am welcoming it. But here's something weird. During the summer I hang most of my laundry out on the line to dry, because, why not? It saves a bit on electricity I'm sure (I haven't done the math), but it is more work. As I was realizing that it'll get cold before I know it, I got sad about not being able to hang my laundry on the line anymore. Someone please explain this to me, because I thought about it and thought about it, and it doesn't make any sense.

First I have to set the timer during a load of wash to make sure I add the fabric softener at the right time. Then I have to load a basket full of wet clothes, which is heavy and carry it to the backyard, and while I'm out there fight off about 100 wasps. Then I have to bend down over and over again to pick up more clothes and clothespins. And then I have to take all those clothespins off later, drop them in the bucket, just to pick them up again when the next load is ready. And on top of it all my clothes usually are a little crunchy. Yet, I'm going to miss it because for some reason I really and truly enjoy hanging my clothes on the line. Someone PLEASE explain that to me.

Alright, clearly I'm rambling. I need to go shower and go to bed, because all too soon it'll be 6:30 a.m., Jeremy will be waking me up and I'll be cursing him in my head.


The Shill Spill said...

More than just a schdedule, nicer words to siblings, and more patience with Jake...I feel overwhelmed with all the structure of homework and such. (Hopefully that's just because I know nothing about school...since it was almost 25 years ago that I was in Kindergarten...and Kindergarten these days is a lot mroe different than when I was in it.
Geocaching sounds like a blast. Do you need some sort of ATV to do it?
Also, you need to empty a Bleach bottle, cut a whole in the top middle of it, and cut a slit in the handle so that you have a hanging bottle to hold your clothes pins. (Then you won't have to bend over anymore.) Plus, I think the sun does something for us. Whether it's standing out in the sun to hang our clothes, or the sun that has been soaked into our clothes that makes summer just what it is! (SUMMER!) I hope you get a few more weeks of sunny-stiff-clothes! :)

Reynolds Family said...

I am seriously so behind on commenting on people's blogs - sorry! But I had to make a comment about geocaching. I have some extended family members who have gotten really into geocaching. They've told me all about it and I am seriously fascinated! It sounds sooooooo interesting and cool! Of course, it makes sense that if something sounds interesting and cool you are one of the first people I know to try it out.

I also have to say, Lisa, that I miss you! I am reading a good memoir right now, and as you are the one responsible for getting me hooked on reading good memoirs, you've been in my thoughts lately. I would love to hear what good books you've been reading! And talk about a million other things, too!

As for missing hanging clothes on the line: I personally have a million great childhood memories of my mom hanging clothes on the line - do you have memories like that, too? Maybe hanging clothes on the wash is a sentimental thing? Tiff is right, though, it probably has a lot to do with just standing in the sunshine.

Jessica Munk said...

The whole "my child having a life and me not knowing about it" is totally happening to me. When I ask him what he did, he doesn't remember. . . Geocaching does sound fun!