Monday, June 8

moday mash-up

Today is June 8th (happy birthday dad!) and it's gloomy outside. It's been gloomy all weekend actually. So this morning, during our morning snuggles, I thought about what music would best suit my mood today. You know, for cleaning purposes. I don't clean well unless I have music on--and even then my cleaning is still probably not considered "well". Maybe "fair".

Anyway, I decided that "O Come All Ye Faithful" was what I needed. So now we're listening to Christmas music. And I think it almost feels better to listen to it now then it does on Christmas Day.

On Mondays it's near impossible for me to write a cohesive post because I have all the weekend events stewing in my brain and they all need to come out I guess, but they can't seem to do it in an orderly fashion.

You know that point when your child changes from being a two-year-old into being a two-and-a-half-year-old? We are there. Tyler is becoming the king of fits. He can't be reasoned with, so we just let him carry on with his crying. The good news is that I'm learning to be less afraid of his fits, because they are going to come no matter what I do--you never know what's going to set them off. Yesterday while walking home from church something upset him so much that he just had to collapse on the sidewalk, put his head on the cool cement and SOB. I still don't know what was wrong. And last night you should have heard his screams when he dropped his cookie on the floor...three times. THREE TIMES!

And you know how sometimes one of your kids is the bad one and the other seems to behave like a perfect angel (though I'm sure it's just in comparison)? Well, I thought we were making the switch now--Tyler will be hard and Alexis will be easy. But then the thought occurred to me that they could both be hard AT THE SAME TIME. And if this morning is any indication, that will be the case. Which makes me want to eat A LOT of cookies. So if you people were wondering why I don't have a third child yet it's because I would gain 50 lbs and an admission to the state mental hospital. Plus, I'd have to get a new car which I'm in favor of but my bank account is not. Yeah, I don't think they are good enough reasons either.

Jeremy was at Youth Conference all weekend, which means by the end of the weekend I had to lock my kids in the backyard and force them to play in the sandbox and leave me alone. I know I'm not the only one who's done that. Please raise your hands.

And now my almost 5 year old is complaining because she went #2 and won't wipe herself. We have this fight daily. I say, "Alexis, you can't go to kindergarten if you don't wipe yourself because your teacher is not going to do it for you". Her reply is "I don't need to go to kindergarten, I already know too much stuff".

I got to drive Tyler in his grandpa's big old truck with no airbags so he sat in the front seat right next to me. That child is OBSESSED with trucks, so you can imagine this was heaven for him. My favorite part was making him give me a kiss every time we stopped.

And now we have to get on with our day. Here's some pictures from our weekend. Why take a group picture when you can take individuals? Really, why did we? I threw one in of myself because I know when I read other people's blogs I like to see pictures of them, and not just their kids. And here's a picture of Jeremy drinking a squeeze-it.


Krissy said...

You all looked darling at church- and the pictures captured it perfectly. Jeremy is going to do such a great job! And I hate to say it, but Alexis may be right. She does know too much stuff. She is such a crack up!

Ashley said...

ya and you needed to put a picture of yourself because you're gorgeous! and i love your earrings!

Glen and Rachel said...

That picture of Alexis is cracking me up! Seriously, I cannot stop laughing. Did she pose that way, or was she just randomly looking like that?

Lisa said...

she didn't want us taking a picture of her. It shows a taste of the attitude she's got in her...but just a small sample.

Jessica M said...

I love the picture of you! Your hair is looking c-u-t-e! Love it. And yes, my kids make me very tired some days too. But look at how adorable Tyler is in that second picture, I mean, come on. How could he do any wrong?

Lindsey said...

I thought with C turning 3 in July that we were crossing a bridge away from the terrible twos. Here's hopin, but the way things look these days, who knows if it'll ever happen. I feel your pain. :)

The Shill Spill said...

I LOVE Squeeze-it's! :) The Best!