Sunday, March 15

never say never

Here's what I did wrong: Last Sunday I said to myself, "Wow, winter is almost over and we've made it through without too many illnesses." Which, with kids, is a minor miracle.

On Monday, the coughing began. It was accompanied by the diarrhea.

On Tuesday the coughing worsened. And the nose ran a marathon.

On Wednesday the coughing continued, the throwing up was added, and the sleepless nights due to high fevers and coughs started.

On Thursday we went to the doctor. The nose, throat and chest were all clear. Nothing he could do for us. Another sleepless night.

On Friday the coughing was less often, but still body racking in it's severity. That night it would be Jeremy's turn to stay up with the coughing boy. He had one coughing episode during the night, but otherwise slept soundly. Of. Course.

On Saturday the other child had had enough of being ignored because of the sick one. She and I went to the zoo, Tyler and Jeremy rode in trucks and Tyler played with grandma and grandpa. He also took a three hour nap, which was like manna from heaven. The cough became less and less frequent, I think we're nearing the end.

This morning, I haven't heard him cough once yet. But I don't dare say we're out of the woods, I think I've learned my lesson.

curled up behind the toy box, feeling sick and reading his favorite magazine

Now, some funnies:

Alexis thinks boys underwear has pockets. This amuses me to no end. Also, I told her to sit on the lap of a statue gorilla at the zoo, and this is what she did:

Tyler likes to wear his sunglasses all the time now, especially at night. Go ahead, sing the song. I wear my sunglasses at night...


Bri said...

im dying laughing at all of this...but mostly the pocket in underwear thing and the gorilla...priceless

Reynolds Family said...

Okay, those pictures of Alexis and the gorilla... I can't even type this right now, I'm laughing too hard.

I'm glad that Ty-guy is feeling better! I hope you're out of the woods!

Lindsey said...

Pockets in boys whitey tighteys--genius!

shellybellybee said...

I LOVE the Gorilla picture. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Coates Family said...

I almost cried when I saw the gorilla pictures. HILARIOUS!

Shelise said...

That's my sweet and innocent niece, and sickly nephew. Anyway, I was seriously laughing out loud when I read that. So funny. Anyway, I hope Tyler is all better soon. I hope Kylee gets well soon too especially since you all are coming over. Kylee has RSV. Yes that's right. But everytime I tell someone that, Trevor says, it's just a cold. And he is mostly right. It's not bad enough to treat and the doctor said that she will probably just wade through it without needing treatments. Anyway, he also said that we shouldn't worry about children older than her getting sick from her because they have pretty much all had and not worry. So, hopefully that is enough piece of mind for you to still bring the kids over. Hopefully she will be better by then. Oh and also, she isn't acting sick, she is happy to play like usual. Ok, so that ended up being really long. Talk to you later. P.s. Wait til Alexis gets her own to play with.

The Shill Spill said...

Did I see Tyler wear his Sunglasses at church? "I wear my sunglasses at I can see..." I forget the rest! :)
Hahahahha! I literally had to laugh out loud at Alexis' pictures with the Gorilla! Those are some good future blackmailers! :) Hahahahah!!!!! And horray for Sports Illustrated! :)