Tuesday, March 3

I know what you're thinking

I've been thinking lately.

Despite the fact that reality television stole three hours of my life last night, life is good. The past few weeks I've heard birds singing in the morning, that's always a good sign. Yesterday we went to a neighbors house and we WALKED there, because it was warm. In the evening we played "races" outside (this is where I race my kids and pretend to lose, I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a weirdo) and then when Jeremy came home he took the kids in the backyard as he barbecued some chicken, which means I got to prepare the rest of the meal in silence--I had forgotten what that's like. Thank goodness our yard is so small that a single porch light illuminates the whole thing. And even if the snow comes back, I don't care because I've had a reprieve. It's March 3rd, the worse months of the year are over. Can you tell a little sunshine and some warm weather goes a long way with me?

So I wanted to do another "would you rather" but because I'm lame I decided to steal one from the internet. And then I found this one guys site full of "would you rather's" and boy would I not like to be in this guys head. How he thinks of half of these things I'll never know--one of them has to do with sucking all the snot out of a dog until it's head caves in. Disgusting. But here's a mild one.

be able to fly
have the ability to read people's minds?

I'm going with mind reading, all the way.

And did I mention I have two hours to myself this morning to sew sew sew? Life really is good.


Reynolds Family said...

I would totally go with read people's minds. That would be so fun. Not to mention that I'm scared of heights, so I would rather not fly.

Glen and Rachel said...

I would way rather be able to fly. I wouldn't want to know how people REALLY feel about me, or how they really feel about other people that they pretend to like for that matter. That would bug me. Plus, flying's got to be such a rush!

Scooby and Jon said...

I would want to fly-like Superman! road trips would be so much more awesome.

Jon & I watched the last 15 minutes of the reality show last night...is it bad if we mocked it?

Lisa said...

um, no. It deserved to be mocked.

The Shill Spill said...

Wow! I'm not so sure what I would do. On one hand, I would totally be afraid of heights. On the other, I would be afraid to know EVERYTHING someone thinks. Although, if I could totally block all the information from coming to me...and filter it...then I'd totally do the mind reading thing. If not, I am not sure I'd be able to choose.

Anonymous said...

I would rather fly. Here's why:

1.Flying is hot. Chicks dig it, and frankly, so do i.

2.Reading people's thoughts would be insanely grosteque. I don't trust the general public, let alone my own immediate family.


Darla said...

Fly, fly, fly!! Mind reading would be interesting, but way too much info. for me. I'd be crazy. We all would, right? It's be like have multiple personalities. There's SO much you can see and do if you fly. mmm..