Saturday, January 3

Things I learned on the first day of the new year

1. Berkeley Breathed is definitely my most favorite children's author.

2. My kids are so lucky to have cousins to play with.

3. Staying up until 1 A.M. makes me hate myself.

4. My husband has an awesome family (I already knew this though).

5. Every single LDS film I've ever seen is pretty cheesy, and that bugs me.

6. I'm terrible at Boggle, and even worse at Scrabble.

7. My brother in law is awesome at both Boggle and Scrabble and therefore not very fun for me to play with.

8. In addition to black, I also love burgundy/wine colored nail polish.

9. I like it when people compliment the quilts I'm making. Maybe I'm a little prideful that way??

Things Jeremy learned:

1. How to build a wall.

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Natalee said...

I loved your Christmas card! How'd you do that? It made my day to get it!