Tuesday, January 20

on the ice

I'm sorry, I have not been in the blogging mentality lately, but I'll try and pull it together. I've had a project lately that's taken over my thoughts and my time, and I will unveil it soon. I like how I just said "unveil", as if it's going to be all exciting. It probably won't be to the majority of you, but I'm excited about it. In addition to that, I've gotten sucked into the black hole that is called "The Bachelor". Jeremy warned me not to, but I went and did it. Ever seen it?? The whole situation is SOOOO unnatural that you can't help but watch it, even though you cringe through the whole thing.



This weekend we took Alexis ice skating. She had been begging to go for awhile, and she really wanted her grandpa to take her because she's heard stories of how great of an ice skater he is. Fortunately she allowed Jeremy and I to tag along, so we left Tyler with grandma and headed out. One thing I learned: do not do anything family oriented in Provo on a Saturday afternoon--you are just asking for trouble. OH MY GOSH the children! I could not believe how many kids were there, and if it weren't for Alexis I would have left.

I expected Alexis to like ice skating more than she did, especially considering how much she talked about it. She tried it for a little while, but didn't seem to have a ton of fun. I think she was nervous about falling, and it is weird to first experience being that unsteady on your feet. Also, her little legs probably got tired. While there she said she didn't like it, but as soon as we were out the door she talked about how fun it was...but she doesn't want to go back until she's bigger.

Here's the thing: that sounds just like me, which is a bad thing. I am such a stress case when it comes to most things physical because I'm afraid of getting hurt or looking stupid. I HATE that about myself, yet I haven't changed, I've only gotten worse. Anytime I participate in any sort of sport I think about all the things that could go wrong and I never enjoy it. And as a result I never push myself to get to the point where I'm good enough at something that it becomes REALLY fun.

So how do I help Alexis not become like me? I try to not let her see that side of me, but I'm sure she's noticed it. How do I push her to do things without traumatizing her? Seriously, this parenting business is tricky--like walking a high wire (which would totally terrify me by the way, because of the heights).

I have to remember, she is only 4, which isn't really old enough to find patterns and say "this is the way she is". So here's to hoping she does not turn out like me! Also, not liking ice skating is not such a bad thing, because if she took it up I'd have to sit by an ice rink, like ALL the time to watch her. I can think of other places I'd rather be watching her from, like poolside, or at the beach, for example.


Anonymous said...

i'm laughing as i'm reading your comments about not liking physical activites and especially being afraid of heights, because at least last year one of your favorite activites was rock climbing. was that the real lisa or the alien lisa? mamahegji

Lisa said...

that was the alien. And she still likes it because it's indoors and she doesn't go very high.

Cindy said...

Now I'm curious....what is the Batchelor????