Monday, January 12

changing and organizing

On Thursday night Jeremy informed me that the solution to all my problems (and the start of a whole slew of new ones) was to move Tyler into Alexis' room, and therefore put him in a big kid bed. A wave of insanity overcame me and I readily agreed to the plan. I let Tyler pick out some sheets (that of course have basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs, and footballs on them) and he was so excited he couldn't even nap (in his crib) on Friday. All day I prepared him for the change by reciting the rules over and over:
1. No talking
2. No playing
3. No getting out of bed

So when bedtime came he had those rules down. After putting them both in their beds, turning off the light and leaving the room, we could hear them reciting the rules to each other for the next 20 minutes. "No talking, no getting out of bed, no playing, no talking, no playing, no getting out of bed, no talking, no talking, no talking". Clearly memorizing the rules and actually executing the rules are two very different things. But they only talked for a little while before they fell asleep, and it's been the same every night since then. However, Tyler didn't nap on Saturday, which drove me all kinds of crazy. And he didn't have a chance yesterday because of 1:00 church, so we'll see how today goes. So far he's still awake, just laying there. But the crib is still set up and I'm not afraid to use it, because naps are not falling by the wayside around here--Tyler's nap is how I get through the day.

So after the decision to move him into Alexis' room (which is very purple, by the way) was made, all the toys got moved to his old room, which also houses a full bookshelf and about a million of my books that had no space on the bookshelf. We decided to buy a new bookshelf and Jeremy found a monstrosity of a shelving unit on craigslist for a good price. We went and picked it up, but first we stopped by a coinstar machine because we had A LOT of coins to turn in. In fact, we started filling up these coin jars when we got married, which equals 6 1/2 years worth of coins. It could have been a lot more except that for most of our marriage we just used our debit cards. Want to know how many coins?

104 quarters
159 dimes
83 nickels
2458 pennies

Plus we found a twenty dollar bill hidden among the pennies, so our bookshelf was definitely free.

Other events of the weekend:
-Alexis used the word "absolutely" about 100 times, and it's absolutely better and cuter than hearing "no" all the time.
-I introduced the kids to the great taste of dry cake mix (dry, as in the powder stuff straight from the box before you mix it with anything)
-Jeremy went through the contents of my freezer (I warned him it was a bad idea) and read the expiration dates, and then was disgusted. I told him they are more like suggestions, but he presented strong evidence against that.
-Last night Jeremy and I went to bed at 9:45 like a bunch of old people, but it felt so good and was much needed!

Now my house is a mess (how come organizing things always makes more of a mess first??) but all I want to do is sew. Also, if you have any good stories to share about the transition from crib to bed, I'd love to hear them. All I've heard is that kids drop their naps shortly after the move, and I don't need to hear more of that. Alexis kept hers for awhile after we moved her (she was almost 3 when we did) but she's always been a better sleeper than Tyler. So I need some encouragement before I eat the rest of this apple cobbler. I am totally turning into an emotional eater.


Mary said...

Wow your weekend sounds very similar to ours! We spent our weekend cleaning out the kids toys (five garbage bags worth taken to the DI if you can imagine that - stuffed animals seem to multiply faster than anything I know of) and organizing their rooms so that it would be easier to keep them clean. Then we started the process of finally setting up Abby's "big girl bed." For one thing, she's almost 3 so it's about time, and for another, we're going to be having a new baby soon to take over her crib. Anyway, doesn't it feel so great to get organized and cleaned out? As far as the nap time goes - I need it too. I still make my five and a half year old have "quiet time" in his room for 30 minutes to an hour while Abby naps, just to give myself a break. Luckily she still needs and takes one or I don't know what I'd do!

Jessica M said...

I'm impressed that Tyler went into a bed so easily. Good job! Moving Hailey out of the crib turned into the week from Hell. Maybe Melanie will be easier... one can only hope.

The Shill Spill said...

I just read an old room-mates blog about how her husband had over 6,000 pennies saved up, and they spent 6+ hours putting them into those coin roll things.

If I were a child, and just moved into a big bed...the feeling of freedom would be so exciting I would definitely have to recite the rules too...along with a few other things as well. (I am sure.)


Coates Family said...

So here's good news...April is almost 5 and Aubrie is almost 3...they share a room, (and a bed in fact) and every day they still take a 2 hour nap, (all 3 of the children at the same time). My children will nap until they move out of my house, or else I will be moving out. Keep up the good work, it can be done.

Lindsey said...

Charlie is still in a crib because I'm to scared of his nap stopping. It's my sacred time. Let me know how it works out and maybe I'll take the plung.

Kevin said...

Tyler's naps get me through the day too.

Shelise said...

Well, Dallin is still taking naps and he has been in his "big boy bed" for over a year now. I think the key is to make it known that not taking a nap is not an option. In other words, you have to take a nap. For me it is worth the fight that Dallin sometimes puts up so I can have my break. I couldn't get through the day if my kids didn't nap and especially Dallin. He will take naps until first grade if I can control it. So in other words, just because Tyler is in a "big boy bed" doesn't mean he will quick taking naps especially if you require it.

Rachel said...

I have no suggestions since Caleb is still in a crib, and he turns 3 on Monday. My main motivator for keeping him in his crib for so long is the nap thing, I'm terrified (yes, terrified) that he will stop taking naps as soon as he's in a bed. So good luck with this!!

Scooby and Jon said...

Good luck on the crib thing...I have no helpful advice there. I should be at bookclub next month...I just overdid it the day before this month's club. Thank you!

Dorothy said...

Wow, I'm almost as impressed as I am jealous. Jane and kolbe aren't transitioning as beautifully as your little darlings. I'll try not to hate you too much.

Anonymous said...

i keep all my pennies in a sock.

if you want to know why, watch The Fur Coat episode of Seinfeld.

Karen said...

Preston spent most nights on the floor in front of his door when we put him in a toddler bed. Unfortunately, the boys' bedroom door is a sliding door and Derik can open it, so he's still in the crib, even though we have bunkbeds. He won't stay in bed unless he can't get out. So, when we move we'll try again.