Monday, December 1

thanksgiving summary

What a good Thanksgiving we had, yes sir. Really, any day that has mandatory pie eating is good in my book. We spent the day eating with most of my family and carrying on some holiday traditions, and then we spent the rest of the weekend at Jeremy's parents house, where lots of fun and little sleep was had. I told Jeremy I wanted to go on the Rhino one more time before it got too cold, which he interpreted to mean I wanted to go out in this:

When will I ever learn? I was not wearing the right shoes for all that snow. And we along with several other four wheelers and another rhino, got stuck again and again and again. But still, somehow, it was fun.

The highlight of the weekend was when we put Alexis and Tyler and a cousin in grandma's "magical" bathtub that has jets. Oh, and we also put in some bubble bath.

I held onto Tyler's arm because if he went under that foam I probably never would have found him.

And what about Black Friday? No thanks, I'm more of a Cyber Monday kind of girl. And so is Santa (though the only thing girly about him is his velvet suit) because he just bought Alexis the much less creepy and considerably cheaper Baby Alive doll for a pretty good deal. Shhh, don't tell her.

And also this weekend I expected to get on here and have you all join with me in a moment of silence for the loss of my DVR (really the best invention ever), because we finally cancelled our DISH Network. However, I'm not sad! Anticipating the loss was way worse than the actual loss. Because now I'm more productive with my time and I allow much less TV watching for the kids. And the real bonus is I've got $60 extra bucks in the bank this month. So now instead you can have a moment of silence just because they are nice to have.

And that is my thanksgiving wrap-up. On to Christmas where I get to pull out my NEW nativity set that I've been waiting ALL year to set up, since I got it half off last year AFTER Christmas. Sometimes being cheap feels so good. Please don't misinterpret that last sentence.

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The Shill Spill said...

Wow! Good work Lis! You are a much better woman than I, in a lot of ways.
1. I can not get rid of my Dish. (No matter how much I beg Aaron.)
2. I am a wierdo and wake up way too early for my own good on Black Friday.
3. You had a lot more fun over Thanksgiving weekend then we even anticipated, or planne, for that matter.