Sunday, November 9

some tidbits

*Lately Tyler poops at least 5 times a day. I am not exaggerating--the kid is a poop factory. So do the math. AT LEAST 5 diapers a day (times) 7 days a week (equals) 35 diapers a week. And that's a minimum people. It's breaking the bank, at a time when the bank is already at breaking point.

*Kneaders has some pretty awesome french toast and syrup, all you can eat too. And having breakfast with a friend without your kids on a Saturday morning is a great way to kick off your weekend.

*When you wear a swimsuit everyday of the summer you start to get used to how you look in a swimsuit and you are less self-conscious. But when you put a swimsuit on during a random day in November, you really don't feel so great about it.

*Working in the yard is fun. And I really want a yard with trees.

*Politics are annoying.

*Daylight Savings took a whole week, but finally decided to show up with the crappy side effects.

*I like wearing black nail polish on my fingernails.

*Kids do not need NEW toys or movies or books. They can't tell the difference and in about a week it all looks as used as it possibly can anyway.

*Tyler says "Happy to you!" when he means "Happy Birthday to you!" and it guessed it...really cute!

*Alexis is growing up way too fast. And loves her new dress and feels so pretty in it. She made that clear with the dance she did after trying it on.

*Jeremy did Alexis' (and Tyler's) hair for church today, and it looked better than it does 90% of the week.

*I think I may like gelato better than ice cream.

*I get two hours to myself this week while a friend watches my kids. If she weren't such a nice person I would secretly hope that Tyler poops while he's there so I don't have to change it. But instead I openly hope that he does not.

*My house is much prettier when clean.

*Tomorrow is November 10th, and I don't even know where October went.


Darla said...

Once again, hilarious and WHY aren't we next door neighbors?? How are you? How's life going? How's Jeremy's job situation? Ours sucks, but I feel very blessed to have an eternal perspective on things.., WHY we have trials, etc., and it sure has helped the fact. ANyway, just checking in. (;

Karly said...

Amen to everything. I don't know about dirty diapers yet, but I know it's a pain to GET Kody to go poop before bed. He can't come to bed unless he goes. Sometimes I'm standing outside in the freezing wind, snapping my fingers, and telling him over and over he needs to do his business. Not the same thing, but related nonetheless.
Yeah, where did October go? Soon it will Christmas and I'll wonder where 2008 went. The last 3 months of the year always fly by to me. Bummer too because they are some of my favorite months. You're kids keep getting cuter and cuter too. Love it!