Monday, November 17


I do not like making decisions. My goodness, I do not like it! (Although I did just decide that the phrase "my goodness" makes me sound like I'm 85). I tend to be more of an emotional thinker rather than an analytical thinker, so if I don't have a gut reaction to something, it is hard for me to decide. And the only time I have gut reactions are when I'm picking out fabrics, you know, the really important stuff. Also, I have a hard time making decisions because I usually just don't care, I'm laid back and flexible. I'd rather have other people decide for me and then I'll just live with the outcome. I know, some of you are just shuddering at that thought. So, some things I have to decide.

1. Should I cancel DISH Network, go with the cheaper plan, or do nothing?

2. Should I take Tyler to a dentist (for his swollen gum), his pediatrician, or do nothing?

3. Should I cut my hair short or keep it long?

4. Should I go to pack meeting, leave early and go to tithing settlement, or just skip pack meeting?

5. WHAT SHOULD I MAKE FOR DINNER? Tonight, tomorrow, forever.

6. Should I quit blogging because I seem to be having a brain fart and have nothing interesting to say?

7. Should I jump in the shower now and pretend I didn't just hear Tyler waking up, or should I wait?

8. Should I delete this or post this?

You tell me, what should I do?


shellybellybee said...

I am totally the same way. I would just rather have other poeple make the decisions, because what's the big deal? Usually I can live with how things turn out. So it seems much easier to answer questions for other people than it would be to answer them myself. So here are my answers to some of your questions:
1. I'm not touching that one.
2. Dentist
3. Whatever you want. Ha ha.
4. Skip Pack meeting. :)
5. uhhhhh
6. No! Never!
7. I shouldn't answer this one for you, but I would totally jump in the shower.
I'm sure I was a lot of help, wasn't I?

Jessica Kolb Munk said...

Post it! Then we know we aren't alone! :)

Anonymous said...

1. sign up for the extra nfl channels.
2. expose tyler to some green ooze and see if he mutates into something more powerful
3. mohawk
4. go to pack meeting, tell them that NY was attacked and get everybody to leave; then go to tithing settlement.
5.taco bell
6. there's no way to answer this without insuling you... should convince yourself that you didn't hear tyler wake up, then undermine your entire epistemological system. it.

Ashley said...

whatever you do, don't stop blogging! there would be a serious void in my life!

Jennifer's Piano Studio said...

I am glad that you at least decided to post this entry; what would I DO without your blog to read? Even when you have nothing to say, you say it so well and it always makes my day a little brighter when you have posted something. DON'T STOP BLOGGING!

Lisa said...

awww, you guys make a girl feel good. And I like the idea of seeing if Tyler can mutate. You never know until you try right? Now where to find green ooze?? I think I'll check the diaper.

The Shill Spill said...

I agree with what everyone else said...because I can't make a decision for myself, let alone another person! (I am so glad we are in that same boat.) Can you imagine what it's like on 'dinner out' night here at our house?
Good luck!
Oh! But, please, oh please don't stop blogging! You make my life that much better each day I get to read an entry by you!
And I won't ever tell you to skip pack meeting! :) UNIT COMMISSIONER!