Friday, October 31

what else? Halloween.

I'm not one to get too crazy about holidays, especially Halloween. It's fun but it always seems to go by too fast, with too much build up. But this year I attempted to be more know, for the kids. And Jeremy. Heaven knows that between my cooking (or lack thereof) and cleaning (or lack thereof) he's got enough reason to be frustrated with me, the least I could do is not be boring during the holidays.

So we did the whole pumpkin patch thing...sort of. We went to one up the street, it had no games, no hay rides, no corn mazes, just pumpkins and a big scary dog. And we managed to go on the one day of bad weather that we've had this month. Then we carved our pumpkins, but I didn't even have any candles to put in them.

I did however, make some costumes. Tyler said he wanted to be a pumpkin, or a "pump-kee" as he says it, and Alexis was a butterfly fairy. We bought the wings but I made the skirt to go with it. Both were pretty easy projects, but I still didn't finish Tyler's until we were walking out the door to the trunk or treat. Which, by the way, this was my first trunk or treat, and while I understand the reason for them, I think they are pretty dumb. And boy are there some greedy kids out there! I could go on and on about that...but I won't.

Now I will inundate you with photos because my dad took these with his NICE camera, so they are all around awesome. And then I will end my boring post about Halloween.

My mom just whipped up that hat for Tyler, pretty cool!
Maybe a modeling future for her?? Let's hope not.
Just looking at him makes me rethink my stand on pumpkin soup...
Tyler's friend Hayden dressed up like a pumpkin too!
And Alexis' friend Jackson looked and acted like he'd already eaten a bucket of candy...but he hadn't had any! He just loves Halloween!
Tyler's hair looked pretty cool after he took his pumpkin hat off

And unfortunately there was no visit from Barney this year. But while we were out trick or treating we did see a headless horseman. Some guy had covered himself in black and was actually riding a real horse around our neighborhood!


Karly said...

Alexis is beautiful and Tyler...I just want to squeeze his cheeks! He looks so cute in his pumpkin costume! Great job on the homemade costumes!

Ashlee said...

Your kids are too cute! I too am way impressed with the costume making.

Dorothy said...

Did you MAKE Tylers hat too? That is ambitious! Not to mention adorable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Alexis running down the sidewalk!

The Shill Spill said...

Good work Lis! I am always thoroughly impressed with your plethera of skillz! :) You have mad ones, too!
Aweomse pictures!

Kimberlee said...

The costumes looked great!! I'm super impressed.