Thursday, October 23

go broncos!

Tyler is about as big of a daddy's boy as I've ever seen. All day long I hear, "Where's Ty-guy's dada?" "Ty-guy's dada working??" "watch baseball with Ty-guy's dada??" He really loves Jeremy and really really loves to watch football and baseball with Jeremy. His favorite part of fall?? Probably the MLB playoffs and World Series because he gets to stay up late watching baseball with "Ty-guy's dada".

Well, the other night Jeremy had a few friends over to watch the Bronco's Monday night game, which I hear was a disappointing loss. I don't care about football much, but I do at least ask who won, especially when it's his favorite team playing. Anyway, the point of this post is what Jeremy has now taught Tyler to say. Watch the video, and then try to restrain yourself from stealing my child, because he is just that cute. Especially when he (tries to) pump his fist in the air and says this:

Also, sorry for the grainy dark quality--in the evening our living room has about as much light as a dragon's lair.


The Shill Spill said...

That is just TOO cute! It looks like he's trying to hit someone when he is saying "Go Broncos!"
Could he be any cuter? I think NOT!

shellybellybee said...

Ooooh, he is that cute. You just have to love little blonde two year old boys.