Sunday, September 21

rockin' the shuffle

I've stumbled across something sort of ingenious. Alexis was digging through a drawer and found my iPod shuffle. It's the older model that Jeremy bought me awhile ago so I could use it when I work out--which is why it's at the bottom of a drawer. She knew what it was and asked if she could listen to music. I quickly uploaded a bunch of her "kid" songs and took it with us in the car. She put those earphones in and listened to it the whole car ride to the store. And the whole way home. And the whole way up the canyon the next day, and the whole way home. She loves it, and even once has sung along. I only let her use it in the car because she has a hard enough time listening without plugs in her ear, so it would be a disaster at home. But you know what? It makes our car rides soooooo much quieter. And I love quiet. Pretty much the only thing I hear from her now is the name of the song she's listening to. I know what she's talking about, but poor Tyler is pretty confused. When she said, "Mom, it's the old gray mare she ain't what she used to be!", Tyler was like, "where? Where, Alexis, where?" He has no idea what a mare is, but if Alexis says anything he's got to jump all over it. Poor kid, maybe he needs and iPod too.

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The Shill Spill said...

In that last picture it looks like Alexis couldn't be any more happy, and it looks as if Tyler is thinking: "What about me, mom?" So sad!
Maybe I need to get something like that going in our car. :)