Sunday, September 28

rock n ride

This might surprise some of you about me, but I love a good rock concert. And by good I mean loud. I'm talking about music so loud you can literally feel it in your heart. That's loud, and that's awesome. And the best way to view these concerts? Right up front, smashed in with all the other people who love good loud concerts.

Kind of a weird picture of both of us...

This past Thursday night Jeremy and I went down to Las Vegas to attend the Foo Fighters concert at the Hard Rock Hotel. The Foo Fighters have been Jeremy's favorite band probably since they first started and we've now seen them three times, but this was by far the best of the three. It was in a small venue (only about 2000 people) and one of the last shows they'll be playing since they recently announced they are taking a hiatus.

Dave Grohl

They sounded great, they played all the songs we'd hoped they'd play, and Jeremy and I got up to about 10 feet from the front. We also witnessed some crazies unlike any others we've seen at concerts in the past. And we realized that we are no longer teenagers--everyone at the show was our age or older. There are advantages and disadvantages to that, the main disadvantage being that most everyone was drinking, so we came home smelling pretty gross.

The next two days we spent around Bryce Canyon National Park. We had the Rhino, and ATV's aren't allowed in the park, so we just did some 4-wheeling around the outside of the park. It was really pretty, though kind of chilly and it rained on us both days--I think we were closer to lightning than I've ever been before.
Jeremy standing atop some red rocks
me standing atop some not-so-red rocks
these are not aspens

We were also lucky enough to see tons of wildlife. Elk, mule deer, antelope, wild turkey, coyote, jack rabbit, and two bear cubs. Yes, bears!! I was soooooooo excited...and slightly nervous that the mom was behind us somewhere. We came around a corner on the trail, and our engine must have scared them because they were running before we even saw them. They weren't little babies, but they weren't fully grown yet either. We'll call them preschooler bears. They ran off the road down into the woods and we couldn't see them anymore, but I've got a pretty good visual in my head of the back of them running away.

I did miss the kids. When we first started out on the Rhino I told Jeremy that it would be weird to not look behind me and see their little smiling faces bouncing all over, but given the rain it's better they weren't there. And Jeremy pointed out to me part of an Oreo cookie that had melted and stuck to the floor of the Rhino from the kids on our last trip every time I'd miss them I'd look at that Oreo and smile. I owe a thanks to the army of people who watched them for the three days we were gone: my parents, my sister, Jeremy's sister and aunt. The kids had tons of fun thanks to all those guys. And thanks to my brother and his wife for letting us stay at their house when they weren't even there! Now back to the good old life, stopping fights, making dinner, washing dishes, and lots of hugs and kisses and "hold you's?" from little ones.


The Shill Spill said...

Sooooo glad to see and hear that you had such a good time in Vegas! Looks like a blast!
That picture of you and Jeremy is funny. Jeremy looks a little nervous. :)
Beautiful country you were in!

Rachel & Todd said...

Sweet Pictures! Todd and I are going to Mesquite (not quite Vegas) in a few weeks for our half marathon, we are looking forward to a little getaway ourselves. That is SO COOL that you saw bears! and all those other cool animals too! Glad to hear you had a good time...ROCK ON!

Karly said...

That sounds like a great concert! When I think of BYU days a lot of those are filled with concerts. I had only been to one before I went to college, and I left with too many to even count. You definitely are my concert idol. And I owe a lot of the great concerts I attended to you. Glad you guys had a good 3 day get-a-way. It was a sweet post though when you mentioned missing the kids - I loved it.

Mary said...

Josh is jealous!