Thursday, September 11

move over Shawn Johnson

Alexis is ready to take the title of "cutest gymnast ever". Look how cute she is in that little leotard!! Don't you want to just eat her up? Alright, now I'm sounding stupid. Sorry, I'm done. She's been to gymnastics twice and she seems to love it. Now she's swinging and climbing all over everything she sees (more so than she was before), in fact she's even broken our stair railing. It's been interesting to watch her because she acts the same with her teachers as she does with me. Most kids are at least a little reserved with people other than their parents...not Alexis. She pushes her limits there, just like she does here. Also she's so fiercely independent that I've noticed her telling the teachers not to help her a few times--I guess we need to have a review with her of what a teacher is supposed to do. But she is a good girl and she talks to the other kids, which I think helps them be a little more comfortable. This will be a learning experience for both of us because I'm so used to having my nose in everything she's doing, that it will take some adjustment for me to just watch from the sidelines and not jump in and help her or correct her. Maybe I'll learn to chill out a little bit, because I definitely need to.

Also, tonight Tyler was having a drink from Alexis' princess cup and he pointed at all the princesses on it and said, "Aurora. Aurora. Aurora." None of them were actually Aurora, but the fact that he knows her name is probably not a good sign. I mean, he doesn't even know his name is Tyler (he thinks it's Ty-Guy), so he probably shouldn't know the names of any of the princesses. Thank goodness it's his birthday in a month because he is in desperate need of some more boy toys. About all he has are these cars:Look how nicely he lined them up! He was EXTREMELY proud of himself. Then he took his hand and swiped them and sent them all flying...he was pretty proud of himself for that too.


Kevin said...

I never understood the whole "I could just eat you up" thing. Jeffrey Dahmer was a bad person. When going to school did you ever go to Macey's and see the pinatas that were children? That was creepy too.

Tights & princesses? I'm sorrry.

The Shill Spill said...

Hey! At least he sent all the cars flying in one fell swoop! That's the Ty-guy I know! Nothing wrong with a sensitive side, I always long as it stays a side...and not a whole. :)
Alexis looks FANTASTIC in her leotard. :) Sooooo cute!

Jessica M said...

How fun! I'm glad Alexis is enjoying gymnastics and yes, she is the cutest ever.

Thanks for the Twilight comment on my post. THANK YOU for agreeing with me. Those books are ridiculous. I could have said some more antagonistic things but I was afraid of overly offending the people that worship those vampires. Whatever.