Wednesday, September 3

love and hate

You know what I love? Getting packages. Especially when it's my new Old Navy jeans.

You know what I hate? When the UPS guy knocks really loudly on the door and rings the doorbell. At 3:30. When both kids are napping.

I will probably forgive him because he brought me new clothes. Unless they don't fit, then I'll hate him.

You know what else I love? Swimming and sunshine. Lots and lots and lots of swimming in the sunshine.

You know what else I hate? That it's September now, and the swimming and sunshine will soon be gone.

But I will survive because I get to put my kids in all their cute new fall clothes. And I won't constantly smell like chlorine. And I get to start making pumpkin pies. And I can open the windows in my house, which for some reason invigorates me and encourages me to clean. Amazing, huh?

You know what I also love? Food.

You know what I also hate? The fact that I love food.

Which presents a problem because soon it will be the season of never ending food. Pies and rolls and turkey and assorted Christmas candies, and those oh so delicious buttery Christmas cookies. You know those? The ones that come in a tin and there's like 4 cookies to a little paper cup and some have sugar sprinkles and some don't. And you eat like 5 paper cups worth and you think that's not so bad until you do the math and realize that it's actually 20 cookies that you've just eaten.

And finally, do you know what I really love? That both kids slept through the annoying knocking and ringing, which means I can now go watch an episode of Gilmore Girls.

And I don't hate anything about that scenario.


The Shill Spill said...

I love your love/hate relationships. :) I also hate that the UPS guy knocks AND rings the door bell in the middle of the day. Hope your episode of GG was invigorating and relaxing...all at the same time. :)

shellybellybee said...

I hope you love your jeans!

Darla said...

I LOVE you LIsa!!! You're so clever and funny and I'm sure skinny enough to fit in those hot jeans. (:

Rachel & Todd said...

We just finished season 7 of GG. I am so Gilmored out its ridiculous, but I do love it!

Lisa said...

yup, love the old GG. It's on ABC family everyday at 3, so I just record them on my DVR and watch an episode when I have a chance. One more reason why I should get rid of my DVR, but I love it too much.

And I do love my new jeans!

Karly said...

I LOVE those cookies. I also loving online shopping...and I love your blog.